DIE Praxis


Plan 1 - Up to 45 minutes

  1. Oral examination

  2. Blood pressure & reflexes


Plan 2  -  Up to 1.5 Hr

  1. Hair cut (Head shave)

  2. Dental Checkup & scrape

  3. Tickle torture

  4. CBT & sounding

Plan 3 - Up to 2 Hr

  1. Full chair restraint

  2. Needle play ^

  3. Simulated tooth drilling

  4. Nightmare dentist *

Price plans

Plan 1 -  £85
Plan 2 - £110

Plan 3 - £195

Supplement fees - £20

^ Needle play; will require a supplement fee.  Needle play can not be added with drilling & nightmare dentist due to attention and time required.

* Nightmare dentist; Will involve name-calling, degrading verbal, physical torture with dental tools & not recommended for anyone with heart conditions or novice to masochism.


Treatment request

Your experience starts here.

Disclaimer: Take note that Die Praxis is a fantasy-based clinic with no formal qualifications held. No real medical advice can be given, all examinations are not professional opinions.  Simulated drilling is aided with a dental drill & e-stim to give the sound & feel of realistic drilling.  No professional medical qualifications are held & no physical dental work involving opening the tooth can be carried out i.e fillings or administration of anesthetic.  All sessions are done on a consent basis between two consenting adults. Deposits are non-refundable. Full balance required upon arrival. You can book a different date on one occasion if 72 hours' notice is given.  Fees & treatments available subject to change at any time. Any monies will be forfeited if the client is over fifteen minutes late without any notice. No one under age 21 will be seen.  Covid safer protocols are in place.  Don't forget to brush.