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Welcome to Freshman Kinkster
This page has been written to help answer many questions that you may or may not have even thought of, when entering the world of Kinky profile making.
This is text heavy and mobile safe. Though a tablet or laptop would make it easier to read and look better.
It may look strange on mobile devices due to screen size.

- Intro to Online Privacy -

- Writing your new Kinky profile -

When meeting people remember. Retain your privacy.
The internet has made the world smaller. This bit of information is just to remind you that your online privacy should be kept at a level which is comfortable to maintain.
  • Turn your phone onto airplane mode at events and parties.
  • Never share your number with people you've known only a few hours.
We live in the age of online social media. Gone are the days where you needed to press numbers on a spinning dial in order to communicate with someone in the hope that are at the location you are ringing.
Phones are everywhere!  Be wary of pictures being taken and who has your mobile.  Pictures can be recognised and linked to a social media site profiles as your phone number can do the same.
When you attend parties, events and gatherings,
your phone is your worst enemy even if just sat in your pocket.
Social sites such as Facebook use your phones internet and location abilities to log details of devices around it.  If you meet these devices more than once in a space of time such as entering and leaving a room over a few minutes. It is logged as a potential friend.
You then get recommended friends popping up on your profile. If your profile privacy is not secure, people can see everything about you and your family. This includes your real name and so forth by seeing your profile picture in their recommended friends bar. This causes you to lose all anonymity and makes you a possible target.
To help lower the chance of privacy violation follow these simple steps.
  • Make sure that your Facebook / social system is private or friends only.
  • Set your profile picture to something that isn't your face.
  • Turn your phone to airplane mode while at events to avoid tracking.
  • Use common sense when giving out personal information.
You are excited, you've seen the movie, you've heard about these websites that you can make profiles on, you find a popular one everyone seems to use. Now you need a profile name and some information to fill it out. 
Take a moment to think about this. Retain your privacy.
Usually the first thing to make is your desired user name. 
Things you should avoid to help with your privacy, are words such as...
  • Your real name.
  • Anything to do with your day to day job.
  • Words referencing to sex.
  • Date of birth or year of birth.
  • Location, you're are based.
Profiles often ask for your location. Use a general location rather than an exact pin point if you really only want people knowing the approximate area you are from. 
Example: Instead of Salford, use Manchester. Or even use a completely different country. It is up to you.
The world is smaller than you think. It's very easy to bump into that person you've been talking to online about all of that kinky filth; only to realise he or she is not what you were expecting and  is now sat next to you, staring in McDonalds whilst you're with your family. 
Giving your exact location makes the real threat of stalkers finding you much, much easier as time goes on. By watching what you comment on, talk about and adding the dots together. There is no need to give an obvious pinpoint of where you live for this type of information to out you.
Profile body
This is your chance to tell the kinky world about you. But remember total strangers do not need to know about your job, your family, the name of the gym that you go to, what university you're at or any sign that you may have a vulnerability such as recently split with an ex.  Would you start talking to the person sat next to you on the bus about your personal life?
Try information such as you like to keep fit, you work in travel or are currently a student in whichever subject but not saying which uni or college. Your looking to make friends and go to munches or events such as etc etc.
Generalisational of information about who you are without pin point details can make it harder to track you down. When asked your orientation, don't be afraid to put that you're unsure or feel free not to disclose. You don't have to pigeon hole yourself for other people.

- Pictures Pictures Nudity ! -

Remember what ever you put on the internet, IT STAYS ONLINE.
Regardless what websites say about photos not being savable, anyone can screen shot and save your photos. 
AVOID any form of genital profile pictures, such as you manhood or topless for women.  It's just bad etiquette and you'll come across as sex obsessed and not interested in anything else. 
You will often find, particularly with cock shots that people block your profile quickly. If you're female, it will just accelerate the number of sexual advances in your inbox. If any of this is your intention then ignore my advice.
Your profile picture is what everyone sees first when they look at your profile, you're basically forcing them to see it.  So unless it's a picture you would take whist stood in the supermarket, try to avoid it.
Your first pictures in your gallery.
Do not feel pressured into putting up naked, lingerie or any form of undressed photos on your profile. You don't even need to show your face in a public gallery or any gallery at all full stop. Why would you need to, with all of your new kinky information? Popular sites allow images to be set to friends only, so maybe put those face pictures or undressed shots in the private folder until you feel a level of trust with who you talk to for them to be added as a friend. 
Some people like attention and want as many followers as possible, many messages off random strangers and like to show off what they have. That is totally fine and up to you. You do however need to consider the ramifications of what you put online and whether it will cause you any future issues. Would your parents mind seeing that dildo in your anus while dressed as a puppy if it should cross their path from someone out to cause you grief. 
Personally my rule of thumb is that unless I have met the person in real life, had some form of face time conversation or see multiple good comments from various other people on the profile in question ranging over a period of time, I will not add as a friend. Some sites allow a follow instead which is like a casual friends list so people can see your public updates easier.  Use your own best judgment.
Body marks and your environment.
Body modifications such as unique tattoos are a type of finger print which help people to recognise you in the real world. Take this into consideration before showing them on a kink profile.  With any selfie pictures keep your surroundings in mind. 
You don't  want to catch your car reg, your house number, family, friends or any details of your job or day to day life in your pictures that you're putting on your kinky profile.  This kind of information gives total strangers more access to your offline life.
Captions for your images do not need details or to contain things such as...
  • Me at work.
  • Me and my parents.
  • Where I am every day at such a time.
  • Me and my boss.
  • My favorite place to be.]
Your pictures can be of anything you like. How-ever giving a description containing information to narrow down who you are, where you live or work is bad for your privacy.

- He/She wants to meet me -

It happened ! Someone wants to meet, what now !
The first thing to do, is to take a step back and think about how that moment of deciding to meet someone online, or what lead up to them asking you came about in the first place.
  • Was it very quick ? Minutes, hours, days ?
  • What have your conversations mostly been about ?
  • Where do you meet this stranger from the web?
  • Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this ?
Meeting someone from the web is a big, big step. You need to be sure that it's something that you want to do and to what end are you are seeking.  Are you looking for friends, kink play, a sexual encounter etc.  Also is the other person on the same page as you.
Once you meet someone offline, there is no going back.  You know what each other looks like and if you meet too close to home it could cause you issues down the line.  Meeting alone for the first time is also a yellow flag for your safety.
Regardless of how long you have been talking to someone, you do NOT actually know them or their intentions regardless of you/them being male or female.  
  • Meet in a public place.
  • Always tell someone where you are going.
  • Expect to be disappointed. People aren't always what they they say they are.
  • Have a safe call for someone to ring you at a specific time. This can also help to you make an excuse to leave should you need it.
  • Offering lifts home from either party should be declined. Some people have ulterior motives.
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