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Health & Safety
+ Aftercare



This contains information on
Health and Safety with Aftercare included.

While it is impossible to make something completely safe,

you can make something safer to the best of your abilities.


  There may be people that disagree with what I say or do, but I have always practised a safe and sane sense of play. I consider what I do to be as safe and as
well thought out to the best of my knowledge.
 It is worth noting that I do not know everything about everything.


I can make mistakes like every other human. By all means, do your own research and use my information as a guide to help you make informed decisions to help
with your play and decision making.



My information is written based on the assumption of Cis Male and Cis female whenever I mention the gender I'm referring to. This is to make my text easier to type and for a smoother flow of information. I mean no intention of any offence should any be taken.


It is always best to do your own research how-ever
I hope you find my experiences useful to your play.







CONSENT - Always talk about your scene, what those involved want from it and ensure everyone involved is happy with what has been agreed.




Medical History

Before engaging with anyone for any type of play, particularly a new play partner, people involved in the scene need to have full disclosure of any medical related issues which may need to be avoided or have potential complications for the play you are going to engage in.  It is important to ask the following questions as people sometimes forget something they need to mention due to living with it and just considering it to be part of daily life.


Recommendations for brand new play partner...


  • Do you consider yourself of sound mind?

  • Do you have any blood or STI related issues I need to be aware of?

  • Any recent minor surgeries or any major surgery such as heart complications?

  • Any epilepsy, diabetes or allergies to metals, fruit, veg or other material?

  • Have you consumed any alcohol today?

  • Are you pregant?


The person you are playing with is brand new; but you're both looking to engage in potential play, some of which could get heavy such as the title of this page. You both have no idea about each other's medical background and you need to get a good idea of what you are getting involved with.



For example.

Sound mind? - Are you fully understanding and aware of what you are getting involved with
and do you understand/have you any potential risks?


For example.

Blood or STI - HIV, Herpes, Genital warts etc. Take extra precautions if needed and
make an informed decision on your play. Do you bruise easily and how long do they usually last? as bruises are caused by tiny blood vessels bursting under the skin. Do you take any blood thinners such as Warfarin,  Apixaban or Rivaroxaban? Do you take Asprin?


For example.

Surgeries? - Do you have any recent stitches to avoid,
any internal plates, screws etc, Heart pacemaker?


For example.

Diabetes, allergies, epilepsy? - Is there a potential risk of Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), is there any material involved in the play scene that can cause an allergic reaction, is there anything that can cause fits such as flashing lights or loud noises.


For example.

Alcohol, If any is consumed, then make an informed decision about how either of you proceeds.
 we all know that kink and alcohol is not a good mix.


For example.

Pregnancy causes a bunch of potential added risks depending on the level of play.
Such as electrics or torso impact play. It can also cause added confused emotions.




Recommendations for a regular partner...


  • Do you consider yourself to be of sound mind?

  • Do you have any new blood or STI related issues that I need to be aware of?

  • Have you had any recent medical interventions such as surgery?

  • Have you consumed any alcohol today?


Being a regular play partner, most of the above questions you will know the answer to them. However, it's good to get an update to ensure that you are aware of any new changes.


Asking about alcohol consumption and whether there is any anything new regarding his or her health only takes a few moments and can make a big difference. Never assume just because you've played in the past that nothing has changed since.











Before you start any play scene, you need to consider what is around you and the possibility of someone walking into your scene. For example.



  1. Are there any doors nearby that could be opened and hit you or your bottom?

  2. The floor, is it in a walkway for the public/are people going to be passing close by?

  3. If you are swinging anything such as a flogger, will you be able to avoid other people?

  4. Is the floor slippery, dry, is there any broken glass around if it's a club venue?

  5. Will you be causing any obstruction to other people?






With any form of play, usually, some form of a physical item is used. Whether it's a hand or a cane, needles, the floor or even whips and venue equipment. What you need to consider is...



  1. Is what you are using clean to the best of your ability?

  2. Is the item you are using in good working order, no damage?

  3. Is the item single use only?

  4. Does the Top or Bottom have any open wounds that need dressing?

  5. Do you have a space to put used items such as a sharps bin or kidney dish?

  6. Do you have means to clean any publicly used items after you are finished with them#

  7. Safety cutters for rope play?

  8. Latex / Latex free gloves to avoid cross-contamination from the hands?

  9. Hand sanitiser ? (non-alcohol or alcohol, depending on allergies)

  10. Skin cleaning products such as Clinell? (is this in date ?)

  11. Condoms for toys such as dildos to keep them clean and stop lube damage.





It is always a good idea to keep a first aid kit relevant to the style of play that you wish to engage in. It doesn't take up much space and it's better to have something if you need it rather than not have it.



  1. Do any of you have any medical needs, inhaler, insulin etc?

  2. Plasters, bandages in case of breaking the skin + medical tape.

  3. Spray on plaster quickly stops minor bleeding from clamps such as those caused
    by abrasions on nipples.


  4. Paracetamol is good to have a small blister pack for various reasons.

  5. Saline solution to clean any wound before dressing to lessen the risk of infection.

  6. Eyewash, depending on the type of play you do




Aftercare is a difficult one for me to write about as everyone is different, everyone has different needs and wants from aftercare. This is here to maybe spark ideas and help improve a system you already have or looking to set up.


Most people, not all, but the vast majority of people, particularly a bottom, will be looking for aftercare after a scene. A top can also require aftercare and it is important to recognise the potential signs and act upon them before you have a negative result.


  • Very happy on a high (This is where you start).


After a play, the endorphins are going give you a euphoric happy experience, when this is intense it is called subspace and people can go quiet, smiley, and generally relaxed.


Depending on the person, the speed at which signs of a come down happening vary and can be spotted with experienced play partners.


  • Sudden Tiredness.

  • Feeling down.

  • Hungary /sweet taste in the mouth.

  • Moody.

  • Very happy on a high (There's always a come down to watch for)


Not long during or after the signs of a come down, measures can be taken to help make the xperience more comfortable and easier to deal with known as aftercare. To help with aftercare these are common things involved that I have seen.



  1. Lollypop.

  2. Blanket or a favourite stuffed toy.

  3. Chocolate / energy drink. (medical depending)

  4. Quiet time and/or small nap.

  5. Cuddles and hugs.

  6. Hair stroking.



A mixture of above or adding another variable may work best for your bottom/play partner but don't forget that Tops also can suffer the same effects and need looking after as well. People that play often generally have known what works best for them and if you ask a potential play partner he or she will have an idea of how you can look after them and give you the information you need.



I would recommend trying chocolate and cuddles / quiet time with your top/bottom after play as a generic aftercare plan. Then seeing what works best with experience.



I would recommend energy drinks, a favourite stuffed toy or blanket and a quiet time with head stroking. Some people want to be on their own completely and it's always best to ask before starting play. Adrenaline will have been very high with heavy impact and pain play and the body needs time to reset, caffeine and sugar to help keep a tired body from crashing.






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