For that kinky itch

YOU NEED scratching or beating

No Sexual Services

No Photography

  •  Lancashire location.

  • Don't be shy, i've seen it all.

  • Professional date to events.

  • Clean & Friendly.

  • Covid mindfull.

  • Discretion assured.

  • No over priced session fees.

  • Easy parking for session in-calls.

  • Overnight 8 hour sessions possible.

  • Extensive kit range. 


Mister Smith is happy to session with any level of experience at a cost that wont break the bank.

AGE 21 +

Any Race, Sexuality or Gender

See T & Cs and FAQ below for further information

Further Info

Mister Smith has been scene involved for over 15 years.

He has been everywhere from the clubs to the private events and even ran a venue for a short time as a personal project.

Proficient in the use of various popular scene activities, Mister Smith has been greatly involved tweaking his abilities through practice and patients. Mister Smith is very much a gentleman but can be described as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde due to his Gemini birth date. He is physically described as large build bear with a stern yet fair approach to what ever he encounters.

From experienced to the novice, Mister Smith can help you scratch that itch you crave discreetly and without prejudice.

Why scene with a inexperienced women whom thinks shes gods gift when Mister Smith can send you to meet the big guy himself in sub space ?



“Super friendly, this guy knows his stuff & I will certainly see on a regular bases.”
Mike - Manchester
“Mister Smith took me to the market in Birmingham, we had a great time shopping as well as staying for the after party. It will take me weeks to recover thank you !!”
Paul - Leeds
“I am a very private person therefore do not like going to events but Mister Smith has boosted my confidence greatly.”
Mathew- Manchester


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