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Electric Wand

The electric wand I have is by the brand E-STIM whom are a popular choice for high quality electrodes.



  • Milled from solid surgical steel

  • Wont stain or tarnish easily

  • Strong & Durable.

  • Good girth

  • Comes apart for cleaning


  • High end of the price bracket.

  • Needs a powerful E-STIM unit to run effectively.


I have had the use of number of different brands of electrodes for my electrical kit, but when it comes down to it, its worth the extra few pounds from the pocket to use the E-STIM brand. Their prices are more or less the same from any retailer. This is due to their grip on not allowing discounts from retailers to be of much use to people not buying directly from their own website.

The item itself I purchased to double as a dildo for cold sensations for unisex use and also for connecting to various electrical units I have. As an insert its 250mm long (130mm insert) and a girth of 38mm with option for a upgraded 50mm girth. Having the 38mm girth I personally find it a very good thickness for those I have it use on and would consider the larger one for the more hard core user. The thicker model comes at an added premium. The top half is sold metal and the bottom half is a sturdy plastic. There is a metal rod running through the handle screwing into the top. E-STIM also offer life time warranties on their electrodes.

This is what the item looks like taken a part. This is also how it makes cleaning the item much easier and practical. It uses a 4mm pin with a bi cable meaning both + and - are in the same input.

Since this item is fairly big, the original E-STIM box is a bit under powered to run it effectively though they have a more powerful unit and recently updated their lower cost box to have more power it in. I have had great use with it connected to a violet wand as well as a TENS unit for different sensations. You can run it along the skin or insert it it anal or vaginal. Small amounts of silicon based lubricant increase electrical contact considerably.

As an insert a condom can be used though I wouldn't recommend any with lube or spermicide in them as it just makes cleaning on any toy harder. If how-ever you want to use it as an electrical insert you can not use a condom on it since they are rubber and will stop the current. This may seem like common sense but there is people out there that do not understand this.

I found a DO NOT is use it in the mouth as you can easily chip teeth, and I would recommend not wearing rings or hand jewellery to avoid scratching the metal work which would make cleaning harder as well as making it look less pretty. Everyone likes shiny metal toys so after making sure its dry place it back in the handy plastic tube box. An easy way to make sure this item is try is to boil a kettle of water and then dump it on this toy once after been cleaned, it will more or less instantly dry as the water evaporates.

This electrode likes to roll of surfaces, being heavy and metal it can damage some floor types so bare this in mind. Due to its over all length its very unlikely you will loose this in the anus or vagina but I would advise not to use it pass the suggested metal insertion length. Price for this product is around £90 and £110 for the larger option.

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