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Posture Collar

Premium leather Posture collar



  • Reduces the wearers ability to nod the head downwards.

  • Good quality posture collars are leather and easy to clean.

  • Premium posture collars have a lockable buckle.

  • Metal loop on front for range of uses.

  • Helps the wearer stand up straight.

  • Low to medium price range.


  • Long time scale use can cause a neck discomfort.

  • Do not over tighten otherwise can cause light head issues.

  • Cheap alternatives are made from material that can easily crack with use.


Posture collars are a lot of fun. They are unisex and don't care about your age or sexual preference. The brand I use is from Extreme Restraints. Thick durable leather strap with lockable buckle and the collar itself is well made machine stitched leather with a front loop that is double studded on each side with no metal showing on the other side. The inside of the collar is a soft sued leather backing and is comfortable to wear.

Posture collars are often used to keep the wearers chin raised. This encourages to stand straight and gives a better serving posture. They are good for domestic servitude, throat fucking or just for visual pleasing.

As you can see they are very effective in what they want to achieve. Cheap alternatives do not have a nice rounded edge on the top and bottom which would cause rubbing on the neck and shoulder areas. Cheaper collars also only have one stud on either side of any front loop which is very prone to tearing through with any small amount of pulling force.

With my posture collar I can comfortably pull on any attached chain or lead without fear of it tearing through and the wearer can give a moderate amount of resistance.

There are various sizes and styles of posture collars. This particular brand has three sizes of small medium and large. It is very sturdy and will not bend with a height of four inches.

You can also buy much more restrictive and heavy duty styles of posture collar but it depends on who you are intending to use it on and what you want to achieve.

The buckle on the back allows for a small padlock to be used to stop the wearer from removing it by his or herself. I would recommend using a number combination lock used for travel luggage so no keys can be lost. Even if the wearer knows the combination its impossible to predict what number is on the dial.

Price ranging around £25-£85 makes posture suitable for all budgets but as a general all rounder I do recommend this one after trying out cheaper versions.

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