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Gun Oil Lube

On going reviews of various lubricants. In this case Gun Oil Gel.



  • Easy to clean off toys.

  • Will not run off what you apply it to.

  • Will be absorbed into the skin making easier to clean away.

  • Very smooth and slippy.

  • Water based.

  • Safe to use on anything.


  • Medium price range compared to other lubes.

  • Not for long term session use such as extreme anal inserts.


The Gun Oil brand make several types of premium lubricant. This particular style they make I have found to be available in most good adults stores and is extremely good. Many water based lubricants dry up very easily after being applied meaning you have to it far more often which means using more of it. Most water based lubricants are also very runny which makes application annoying due to it dripping off what ever you apply it to. This is not the case with the Gun Oil gel as it comes out fairly thick in a gel like texture meaning it sticks very easily to what you apply it to.

The material itself during use I found to last a good amount of time. Once the skin on the area its being used on has absorbed the first application being nice and moist, take a bit more from the bottle, re apply and your good to go. Its got a very smooth cool feel to it and stays in place. You will need to add more depending on your length of play but I found it does last a good amount of time after second application. A long with the very easy to clean ability its certainly one to keep a look out for. The lube is odorless and tasteless.

If you are looking to do extreme penetration such as deep heavy anal , use very large toys, or need something to last longer without re-application you will need Gun Oils synthetic lubricant which I shall review for you. Gun oil water based gel is around £8 for a average sized bottle. I also like the brand name as its got a masculine aura about it with most of the bottles being the shape of a bullet I would consider its a brand aimed at the male market though suitable for anyone to use.

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