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Terms - RACK & SSC

A couple of popular definitions I would like to touch base on.. While nothing done in kink is considered safe, safer is always an option. Things can be done differently, practiced and being aware of your surroundings all help to make things safer but never competently safe. This is how the following terms are coined from my point of view and based on discussions i've had.


SSC - Safe, Sane & Consensual

SSC is a term which you will likely hear often in a kink or BDSM related play event of when discussing different styles of kinky activities. It is the level of comprehension people are expected to have before engaging in any form of kink play to minimise any possible negative outcomes.

Safe, we should always consider what can make a play scene safer. For example have you considered if there is a walk way or door near you while you are swinging a flogger or cane. Have you got an emergency rope cutter if doing restrictive rope work in case your rope bunny needs to be rescued quickly. If you have considered and acted upon any actions which make something safer, then everyone benefits.

Sane has been defined as able to distinguish fantasy from reality as well as not being intoxicated. This goes for all parties involved. The only problem with the word sane is it being subjective. One person might find anal inserts to be insane but two other people may enjoy it. Its cases like this you should understand just because its not your kink doesn't mean its not ok. This part is a matter of personal opinion though being drunk is certainly a big red light as you could certainly hurt yourself or another person.

Consensual is a big part of any kink related play. Meaningful negotiations need to take place before hand with a discussion of any risks involved so each person can make an informal decisions to what he or she is getting involved with. If no common ground can be gained then the play must be abandoned or further talks take place. A good example here is general sex. If someone says no, its not consent. If someone is drunk and says yes, its still not consent as they are unable to give a sane answer.

If someone says yes lets have sex do you have a condom, then safer has been implemented, risks have been accounted for and minimised. In this example informal consent has also been given on both sides with the decision being to take part in safer sexual activity.


RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink

This phrase is common with heaver styles of play and none political correct styles of engagement. Many people involve none consensual play scenes such as forced sexual intercourse or physical beatings. In cases such as this all parties taking part are fully aware of what they are involved with and each have the others permission with any pre agreed rules in place. The risk involved needs to be discussed by all to allow the consensual informed decision to be made.

Such play scenes can be often a disturbance to others. If this is your style of play you should make the venue dungeon monitors aware of your intended scene so that they know you are following RACK and not to get involved unless they have genuine concern for safety. You also should be mindful whether people in the immediate area can vacate the scene you are taking part in should they wish to. Playing a style of kink which could upset people in a small single room venue is selfish and would likely cause you interruption as well as classed as being rude.

I have personally come across people playing heavy scenes which I did not wish to watch, and the people taking part did start doing it in a social and chat area of a venue. I had to interrupt them and ask to find a private room or different play space and not to use the lounge were people were trying to talk or enjoy spacing. I got rude nasty remarks verbally given to me for this request but what I asked for was not unreasonable.

If you see a play scene you disagree with, just remember you have the choice to look away and not be involved visually.

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