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Steel Canes

Natural wood canes not floating your boat?



  • Strong...Well its steel.

  • Flexible as a brick.

  • Withstands high levels of impact.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Available in various widths.


  • Needs extra care when using.

  • Can cost a premium.


I am not going to insult any intelligence and tell you these canes are a special space aged metal sauced from the rock of a mined asteroid that passes our earth every 500 years. A steel cane is pretty much just that. Its a lengthy rod of steel with a rounded tip and added handle for grip. Make sure the end is rounded or you might find more blood on the impacts than you bargain for!.

These canes are often used on more experienced masochistic types as they can be very brutal with deep bruising. Steel canes are very unforgiving, a rattan cane will bend and absorb some shock but steel canes wont. This can make then very dangerous especially if you miss your target.

Avoid cheap steel canes. The high grade steel canes have a higher carbon level meaning they wont rust and are very difficult to tarnish. Being steel they are easy to keep clean and will not blood bond as steel will not absorb moisture.

My steel cane is 6mm thick. I find this suitable for a range of uses and the cane will not bend out of shape unless i put considerable and constant force on the rod to make it bend. Being steel the cane is fairly heavy compared to wood and needs less effort to swing. If you are used to lighter canes, steel canes can take much effort to use on someone and take more practice with ensuring you hit the desired target.

Sensation play?

Steel conducts electricity. This means you can use your steel cane as a conductive rod for electrics play such as hooking yourself to a violet wand and then poking with the cane. This style of play can give a big jolt as the cane stores up the power then releases into a very small area when near the skin.

Steel is also cold as heat escapes it quickly. The steel cane can be ran over parts of the body such as nipple, lets and so forth to give a cold sensation. If you dip the end in some iced water you get a very good cold sensation.

At what cost ?

When comparing the cost with steel canes and rattan, the key with steel is not to have overly long lengths to avoid high costs. Long steel canes under 5mm are prone to accidental bending as well. For a 26 inch 6mm steel cane compared to rattan is about the same price of about £20. Of course you can make them like everything else, just ensure the quality of your steel is high.

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