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Flogger basics

Floggers original use where to punish or motivate prisoners to do hard labour.



  • Wide range available.

  • Easily available to purchase from adult vendors.

  • Can be harsh or caress.

  • Easy to store.


  • Generally bond to individuals as leather absorbs body fluid.

  • Can cost a premium for quality.

  • Hard to clean.

  • Needs lots of space to use.


Flogger basics are fairly easy to ease yourself into for trying something new in your kink kit bag. I will do a later blog for flogger intermediate / advance with some videos of how to a long with some other types other than suede leather a long with their uses. On this post I will be referring to a generic suede leather flogger with synthetic handle, usually wrapped in nylon or soft grip.

Floggers can give a range of sensations from caressing and soft to brutal and very heavy impacts. They can also scratch, bruise or even cut with prolonged use depending on the flogger tail material.

Floggers are basically made up of two main things.

  • Flogger tails or (falls).

  • Flogger handle.

The tails are the parts which make contact with the target or individual. They are often called the falls. Suede leather is a soft common construction for these lengths ranging from 30cm to in some cases 40 or even 70cms onward, and around 0.5 to 1cm width. There is no standard must have length or number of tails but the variation will change the sensation depending on the design. More broad tails will be more thuddy over a broader area, (Search blog for thuddy for description of this), and thinner suede tails with fewer in numbers will causes more of thud but in a smaller area which makes it more intense. Cost is also affected depending on design.

The issue with suede is keeping it clean if used on multiple people. It can collect sweat and bodily fluid. If you are careful not to use on any open wounds or cause any bleeding, there are methods of cleaning the tails. Clinell helps with this and doesn't damage the leather or none alcohol hand sanitiser. If using tails of rubber for instance you can wipe them clean with alcohol hand sanitiser or even boil them after intense hard play.

More tails, broader tails and material such as leather can make floggers heavy. Practice will make it easier for you to use them for longer periods of time but don't be surprised if you have a arm ache the first time you try using them for play. This is your body getting used to the exercise. The upper back and across the shoulders are popular areas to flog though you can try other areas such as the back of the leg.

Generally I have floggers for personal use on the same play partner and floggers for general public use. You need to be aware of the risks using publicly used floggers and ensure the person being hit with them makes a informed decision of their use.

Flogger handles are as unique to the flogger as the tails are. Some basic round handles are fine for most people but some like the feel of wood or shaped synthetics. The handle makes a big difference to how fast or accurate you can make use of your flogger and always best for have a feel and swish around before buying. This is were places such as fetish markets are a big help as you can try different styles in your price range to get a better idea of your best feel. You can also ask the stall vendor for tips on how to use your new purchase such as help with wrist movement.

Safety use tips.

  • Keep in mind the length of your flogger includes the handle, the tails and your arms length!

  • Ensure you don't flog near door ways as someone could cross your flogger path unsuspectingly.

  • Avoid hitting the neck area or head. The tails can wrap round and injure the face or neck artery.

  • Keep in mind of any pre-existing wounds. Put fresh plasters on moles and potential sore points.

  • Keep a tight grip of the handle so you do not throw it as your hand sweats.

Prices can range from £20 to £100+ depending on quality, material and who made it.

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