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Gas Masks

A mask that takes away the sexual orientationof a human.



  • Massive choice, range of prices.

  • Easy to find.

  • Sizes to fit everyone.

  • Easy to keep clean.

  • Range of uses.

  • Unisex.

  • Have interesting looks depending on country of origin.


  • Can cause death by asphyxiation if your stupid and irresponsible.

  • Can be claustrophobic.

  • Older, vintage and used masks often have defects,harmful material inside them and mold / rust issues.

  • Rubber allergies need stay away.


Gas Masks. You either love them, hate them or have an allergy to the rubber and would rather not die from them since this is the primary material. Gas masks have been mass produced since the fear of gas attacks from the first world war. They range from simple systems designed to save babies, kids and adults to complex modern tech systems for the army.

They range from prices of vintage used, surplus stock that never got issues which is good as new, and actual new modern ones.

When getting an older mask, check seals and metal for rusts, mold and other contaminates which are often there due to use and storage with sweat causing mold and damaging seals. Any rust or tainted metal should be on the exterior as very few have metal touching the skin how ever the eye sockets sometimes do have internal metal rings.

Make sure you clean any mask properly with a cleaner such as Clinell that is medical grade. This will eliminate stuff house cleaner wont. Never use a bleach product, it damages the rubber and when you start to sweat it can get into your eyes and irritate the skin. Never use a older gas mask air filter which are either attached by a screw on hose or a metal disc directly to the front or side of the mask. Older filters, particularly vintage world war 1/2 can have material in them which is now banned for good reason such as asbestos. If they are used they can also contain mold or insects which you do not want to breath in either. New filters are cheap and easy to buy online should you wish to use it as an actual gas mask.

Information on the danger of older mask filters can be found via the HSE site by CLICKING HERE

Always clean properly after use and allow to completely dry before storing.

Another use for the filter people often do, is cut it open, remove the filter contents. By doing this you can then add a couple cotton wool balls, a few drops of something such as room aroma (poppers), tape it back together and it will give an completely different sensation while wearing. Some people just clear out the filter completely, glue it back together, attach to the mask and just have it as part of the hood visual aesthetics. This is useful for vintage ones wish to be worn but a new filter can not be sourced.

If you would like a detailed description on how gas mask filters work, this link goes into greater details. CLICK HERE FOR FILTER SYSTEM INFO

My choice of mask tends to be the cold war Russian USSER mask. Made between the 1960s-1990s these masks are cheap, come in a range of sizes designed with families in mind and even come with a canvas bag. The canvas bag even comes with a disc of lens repair plates which I thought was a neat thing to have with the old instruction.

They are simple, easy to fit on and take off and being surplus are basically brand new and clean. Most types of gas mask come in one size fits all or maybe two sizes but the Russians knowing they where very close to the German threat, made masks to suit the family. XS, S, M, L, XL sizes means everyone could be safe in an attack.

Gas masks have a range of uses in the kink and fetish world. They are often used to go with latex clothing as an addition to outfits. They give an anonymity to people in public places which gives the wearer greater public confidence in regards to their actions and what he or she is wearing.

They are used for medical play as well for breath restriction, using poppers and other gas products for high end play which can cost a bit to set up in the first place and usually owned or used by the hardcore rubber fetishist.

Never use a gas mask for breath restriction play without another competent human watching over you. Use some common sense.

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