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Terms - Master

A common word used in the wrong context.




  • 1.having or showing very great skill or proficiency:"a heart-warming story from a master storyteller"


  • 1.a man who has people working for him, especially servants or slaves:"he acceded to his master's wishes"


  • 1.acquire complete knowledge or skill in (an accomplishment, technique, or art):"I never mastered Latin"

One of the most common mis-use of words I see in the kink scene is the term Master. It seems to be a growing trend that as soon as you join a kinky community you need to pigeon hole who you are straight away and Master seems to be the term thought to have subs and slaves flocking.

The only problem with this... If you are a Master, you should already have someone or something to be a Master of. Either having a slave or have a skill in which you know to the point that you could teach others. If you do not have either, you are not a Master.

If you have a submissive, that makes you a dom.domme or a or a sadist to or any other bunch of terms floating around. Submission is a choice that the submissive can withdraw at any time therefore you are not the Master of that person. Being of a certain age doesn't make you a Master of anyone, though it can make you a master of a subject if its something you study and practice on a daily bases. If you do not, then you are just what ever number your age is, not a Master.

I often see blank profiles or new people use the term Master as a self proclaimed title to try and impress new and vulnerable people into play, not interacting with someone they would see as being knowledgeable. Just putting this out there. I will call out bullshit where this is kind of thing is noticed.

If you owned a slave, but no longer do, you're no longer a Master to a slave as you no longer have one.

In short, learn the meaning of what you intend to say you are.

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