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Scrap that waste

I am an advocate of recycling and do it yourself kink toys. People go on and on about buying the latest toy or the newest paddle from the most popular vendor or shop. At the end of the day it's how you use the things around you that makes the difference. I often find myself stumbling across interesting items on my travels with unwanted items.

My latest find was this set of old weights.

The previous owner had left out some metal for the local scrap men to find and take to be weighed in. Upon closer inspection I realised that they where all marked weights for a gym system, including a couple of mini bars which themselves look interesting as well.

After collecting them together and getting in the car, I laid them outside on the concrete floor to see what I had got. As it would turns out I have the following.

20kg x2

5.0kg x1

2.5kg x1

2.0kg x2

1.25kg x4

0.5kg x2

Dumbbel bars x2

four blue discs which weigh around 2.0kg each but I will need to weigh them to confirm.

These discs have so much potential its daunting to even think about it. Though I do have a few ideas which I will share with you for the plans that I have with these items which found a new home in my kink bag so to speak.

First plan...

They need a clean up and a fresh painting. Rust is not the best thing to spread around nor the cleanest thing to handle. These are the old metal style of weights which have been replaced by more modern plastic ones that have a lead shot in them for the weight. I will likely use a heavy duty solvent based metal paint to ensure that the finish is hard and durable.

An enamel may be added afterwards as well. Ideally I would like to have them powder coated but the chances are that it would get damaged with the type of use I wish to put them through for the future.


Put them to use. I will be using the various sizes for cock and ball torture, breast and labia torture and various predicament bondage uses with rope and possibly some pulley systems on the play space rig frame. They would also work well with making everyday tasks more difficult and even simple tasks such as carrying them up and stacking at the top of a flight of stairs to only have to bring them down again. Obviously I would need to take care that I do not cause health complications by over stretching certain parts of the body.

The dumbbel bars I may just use to hit masochists or clean them up as a type of insertion or electric play use. Electrics seems to be high on my list of uses for them. I just need to figure out the best way to administrate them into such a use for maximum effect.

This will be a bit of a mini project and I will add to this ramble entry as time goes on with progression and showing me using them in particular scenes and progression with cleaning them up to a usable state.

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