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Street Hockey anyone ?

In a lot of violent films, there is often a hockey stick involved.


So it's that time of year. Halloween. No doubt I will place an update on here with a pumpkin that i'll carve just to mark to occasion. However, it would seem that I have overlooked one of the most well used simple tools that feature in a lot of violent films involving younger people. The wooden hockey stick.

I have a liking to the trusted hockey stick, it has various uses but, first the history of this particular one should be here for reference.

As I have mentioned in a few of my posts, I like to recycle with kink and reuse unwanted items. This happens to be one of those items. A Dita junior wooden hockey stick from a charity shop for £1. The minimal that these go for new hits around the £50 mark ranging up to £150 plus before going into synthetic. So for £1, I am happy with the result.

The overall shaft has no splits in the wood, there is actually rather little damage considering that it was designed to be used roughly outside and to be clanged against other sticks. It would suggest that it didn't see much game time or its owner was just shy to get stuck in.

The handgrip though it's a little worn is not torn or damaged and the original brand graphics are in surprisingly good condition. They are usually very torn or have lots of holes from scrapes as well as the weather hurrying up the decay in any damaged areas of the varnish.


Hockey sticks are a great way to smack someone with impact play. They are light, durable and designed to hit things. The great thing about a hockey stick is two main parts of the stick itself. The bottom third of the shaft flattens with a rounded back to aid with strength. The flat side is excellent for impact players on the bum and thighs of anyone with a bit of muscle.

At the end is the toe. This is the little bit at the end that curves upwards. The magic toe can be used for various magical ways to inflict suffering and discomfort and I think its something that is often overlooked.

A couple examples: It can be used in a hammering motion to direct a lot of impact to a small area with little effort. Another use is to hook the vagina and use a bit of imagination.

You can even use the stick itself as a hard point to tie legs open with or for use in other ties and restraint techniques.

So, for £1, if you see one in a second-hand shop. Think what could you use it for rather than just passing it by.

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