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Menschliche Versuche!

Human Experiements are needed to further science.


With any brilliant evil science comes with the need for human test subjects to further the research. I designed my own sheet for use in an organised scene. I wanted to make it simple yet looking professional, showing both a modern look and reference early German human experiments. I used the name of a place where such things were carried out in early WWI and WWII.

I was considering doing the entire form in German, but I figured by putting it in English, when the victim/target can catch a glimpse of the form he or she would have ideas running through the head. Extra sheets for writing notes are included and the form itself would be a good post scene souvenir to the person enduring the experiment and to make a copy for my own records. Eventually, I would have a file of case notes as a reference to how well examinations went and better improve on future case studies.

I would also use a voice recorder as I conduct my medical examinations so I can share with the victim afterwards how they coped on a verbal level as I go through the checklist. I could also keep a copy with my checklist case notes as further reference. Using the human number system I would be able to keep any personal details of the identity of the human trials classified.

To go along with my documentation for the scene, I also need a medical name badge...

This will be the bases of my medical scene play as it keeps my role open to many possibilities as well as strengthening the mood of the scene and giving background and structure to the character persona carrying the scene out. It also makes it easier for people to know what to call me. "Yes, Dr" has a nice ring to it. I will do further writing on this part with its own entry once more of my medical supplies arrive.


UNIT 731

Nazi German evil medical experiments are obviously well known, documented widely and the first thing people think when the cold war and human atrocities are involved. What people don't realise is China and Japan were just as bad. However, they had far more strict confidentiality and its only in recent history that ongoings have been brought to public attention.

When Germany fell in 1945 it was only a matter of time before the Russians and other Allies came knocking and everyone started to surrender shortly afterward Germany.

When China surrendered, with the threat of how Russia handled war criminals, unit 731 abandoned all work with much haste with many of then fleeing to nearby Japan. Orders of death where branded in the minds of those involved who feel the need to talk and suicide pills were given out in case of capture.

Anyone looking for a more in-depth look into what went on there is an official published book with much information in it to have a look through.

Japan surrendered not long after Germany and one American in Japan was Lieutenant Colonel Murry Sanders who was involved with Americans study of biological weapons. He was tasked with researching Japans involvement with this kind of activity. After not getting anywhere with his scouting for information, threats of involving Russia where used. Japan gave up information regarding 731 not wanting to be a victim of Soviet legal prosecution the next day.

This is where it gets interesting.

Japan struck a deal, and informants of 731 were granted immunity for sharing human experiment information along with biological warfare tests with the Americans but NO other allied power including the Russians were to be given the data. Backstabbing at its finest.

Russia later caught up with what was going on and held trials.


Based on this information, I can put a twist on my pending medical scene of Americans conducting a human experiment while mocking Japan informants and unit 731 being just propaganda. as Americans are far more superior in their Classified Research.

The research being carried out will be typical American style with nothing actually being achieved other than great discomfort to the subject via a list of pre arranged limits, and even a carry on film style to it depending on how banter goes with those involved.

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