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Practice Update

And the practice gets new instruments.


I have a couple of new additions to add to the medical practice. Diagnosing problems is only half of the job of any medical practitioner trying to solve the problem they're faced with. In order to do this, tools of the trade are needed to help along the diagnoses.


No white Drs coat is complete without a stethoscope. Designed by a French physician in the 19th Century to aid with hearing the lungs and chest area for abnormalities in breathing. Modern designs are light and a mixture of metal, rubber and plastics. They amplify sound from the chest piece up the rubber tube directly and into the ears of the person wearing it. They are effective at also hearing heartbeats and other sounds around the body. The sight of wearing one around the neck usually gives a good indication of being a Dr and makes a great visual representation of what is in front of the patient.

Reflex Hammer

It's always fun to hit things. The reflex hammer is designed to test tendon reflexes. This particular style is American and was designed in 1988 by John Madison Taylor, thus is being referred to as the Taylor hammer. Compared to other styles and designs it is one of the lightest with a rubber triangle and flat metal handle. It also one of the most iconic designs that are seen for the neuro practitioner.

The reflex hammer is simple to use, hit it on an area with a tendon to see if a jerk reaction is created. Often the knee or elbow reflexes are tested easily this way. Though often just a tap. If being used for actual medical reasons then one must be careful not to damage the tendon. If you are in a kink scene then it's fun just to tap areas of interest to cause an ouch or to test that the subject has ribs for instance or finding the not so funny bone.

Blood Pressure.

Fear is easy to hide, except from medical science. The modern date method of measuring a patients blood pressure is with the use of an automatic Sphygmomanometer. It's self-inflated and through mechanical witchcraft, it figures out the results that you wish to measure.

A more simple, old and tested method is with a manually inflated arm cuff and the use of a stethoscope which allows measuring systolic pressure (the highest reading) which is not as good as the Sphygmomanometer which also shows diastolic pressure (lowest reading). Digital devices are used in hospitals for real-time viewing of how the patient is and of course the more advanced the device the higher the cost with the accuracy.

Blood pressure and heart rate are important, together they give a good indication to one's health and how to better live a healthy life. Except, they can also betray you. Once a standard reading has been taken to indicate your resting state, the fun begins.

You can easily hide fear but your blood pressure and heart rate don't lie. The faster the heart rate rises with impending doom so does the blood pressure along with it. These will indicate how you are feeling long before it is admitted.

Try to hide from that.

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