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Dr Smith

Name badges to remind you what to say while your a drooling mess.

The new name badges for the medical coat and Bob's scrubs came in the post and the above image is the result. They look the real deal, a good size in person and give a good indication of what is in store for anyone faced with either at close proximity.

Dr Smith, Head of Research. Mammal Anatomy Exploration. Nice ring to it would you say.

When I designed these badges and had them sent off to be printed, I can only imagine what the printers thoughts must be like thinking if this was a wind-up or an actual name badge for a registered profession. Bob's name badge of senior cunt probably gave the game away though.

My medical title shows authority, it gives a prompt what to call me if someone is unclear and it also gives an indication of the type of kinks I would be performing.

I have often found people in fear forgot what to refer to me as and found themselves in more trouble for the delay. This way there are no excuses. You can carry on reading the name and department over and over again having thoughts run through your head on what will become of you.

I wanted to choose a department that gave maximal flexibility to what I would like to inflict on my patient. Giving a greater mind fuck sense of what will happen without me even saying a word.

On my white Dr coat along with the stethoscope around my neck, this will be a nice addition to the overall aura I wish to give off in the scenes I will be undertaking in the near future on a medically related kink. Just remember, its Yes Dr.

Bob will aid me in certain scenes such as one I will be undertaking on the 7th Dec at a popular venue in Liverpool, England. Bob will be wearing ER scrubs and have the name badge of Senior Cunt. This being a play on words of seen your cun since Bob's department is Gynocology and pharmacist. Bob will aid in cavity searches where my hand will not fit and its Bobs job to get past the wrist there ever Bobs hand needs to go.

Bob will also check vitals such as temperature, pulse and blood pressure as well as administration of any 'medicine for clinical trials'.

Security ID

On my medical scene on the 7th December. I will have other people helping in the room for atmosphere purposes. Since this will be a secure medical facility scene, the two people involved will also be given ID security passes for visitors. This image is a view of both back and front.

It will also give an indication to spectators who is involved within the scene should anyone leave the room or enter the space at any time. Anyone without a security ID will not be permitted to enter the scene space.

The security ID also gives a bit of advertising of who I am and how to get in touch with me.

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