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Casual say what ?

My ramble today is about a new experience. All humans are built to learn new experiences to better him or herself for the progression of better living one's life. Without new experiences we would never learn, not know how to talk, communicate or even eat. A person cannot know everything about anything. But, a person can have a greater understanding of a particular subject than another, depending on life experience and what we are subjected to on a daily bases throughout our lives.

BDSM is one of the areas that I find to always be learning something new about one thing or another. Just when you think that you know everything about something; someone opens a new door, a mind is blown and suddenly you're back to an infant style of knowledge once again.

I consider myself to be an open person, willing to try anything which I find of interest to learn more about and to consider the practicality of doing so. Majority of my toy bag and new items brought before me to place in the inventory, I try on myself before anyone else. I say majority, certain limits do arise such as when your service boy brings a dildo the size of a torpedo and thick as ones arm to the dungeon space.

One such thing is a full significant partner swap in a potential sexual way for an amount of time with agreed restrictions and limits after some time of engaging in conversation over a period of time. I have allowed certain people to use my slave and significant partner in a kink way a number of times, whether it be canes, rope, spanking and so forth.

But sex has never been mixed into the occasion.

The same with myself not engaging in another submissive or slave or anything other than pre-arranged kink activities. The following is a story, a kind of erotica style of text describing one such occasion where it was decided to try a new life experience.


How events unfolded.

Fresh from the bathoom of the ritual that is male grooming and scenting. Getting dressed is next big job of the evening. Suit layed out pressed and clean from the dry cleaners. I hear my slave girl moving about getting herself ready for the night ahead.

Hair drier going, makeup clanging about and a complete invasion of the second bathroom. She wants to make a good impression for the man she will be alone with later this evening, I leave her to get ready with the occasional personal preference to her look as I can tell she's nervous yet excited.

I look up above the bed to see a huge black and white shibari print of a hard tied young vulnerable woman. a grin on my face appears, it always makes me smile seeing that photograph. Eyes moving down to what is in front of me on the kings' bed. Between the wooden bedposts, all the trimmings laid out on the quilt waiting to be worn like the armour of a knight going to a great battle. Finger tingling with joy to see such a sight of craftsmanship before me.

A deep breath of the fresh clean smell before the ritual begins. Firstly the handmade cotton long sleeve shirt. A light grey which you would find is as a neutral colour to suit anything that accessories with it. No patterns, nothing complicated. I unclip the cleaners clips, one arm through the sleeve then across my back to the other arm. Such a smooth transition of the tailored fit fabric.

From a bear to one step closer of a gentleman. Sleeves are always take a little bit of time to complete. Folding both sides exactly into place befaaore taking hold of each cufflink to then spear through the tight hole below the wrist, in order to lock firmly into place just as the rope knot emblem suggests.

With my hands now available I reach for the dark grey formal trousers. A crease line down each leg, crisp and sharp. With each step I take into them, less of the bear is on show and more of the Mr is rising. Two clips on the waist, a black button, looking down at the near-perfect fit as I zip up pushing back the bulge which is still visible for a short time. Click, fastened in. The man with the tape measure did well.

Next the leather belt with a sliding lock. No holes in this leather. Such a smell as I hold it between my fist slightly bent. Smooth and strong. Around the waist it goes to complete the trousers with a shiny rectangle buckle with black insert. Click, Click, locked into place via the little teeth at the back of the belt.

No holes, no marks. Perfect. Shirt, trousers, I look down further and see toes that need attention. I sit on the edge of the bed to slip on my fresh crisp high worn black size eleven cotton socks.

But there is more of a treat in store for my feet before I stand once more. By the side of the bed is a brown box with more leather to be discovered. In that brown box contains my brown formal shoes with dark brown leather laces.

These shoes I opted for a rubber sole, just in case I decided to need the grip for standing on anything such as a cunt or a face. Leather soles have their place but don't have the same effect towards a good stamping.

The tan-brown shoe themselves have a shiny yet soft touch being Loakes with a decorative pattern of detail. They slip on perfectly with a superior feel once tied to each foot securely. A quick touch up, a buff with a cloth and it's time to stand up once again and choose the next article to fit on the armour.

The choice of tie. This is always a special moment. The tie is the main colour of my suit to match anything else that I wear. Always silk, always handmade. Today is blue with hints of purple depending on which point of view the material is viewed. Smooth with a slight shine just enough to catch attention to study the detail of pattern I have chosen to wear.

The time of year is also winter. Blue is cold, clinical, clean, fresh with ice it's hard and unforgiving very much like my firm hand on the skin of a rear end. Winter makes life and emotions wither, crumble and break ready for new life to emerge and flourish for the better. Full Windsor knot. Power, stature, strength.

To complete the tie, a tie pin is always used. A tie pin can be worn for the main purpose of looking attractive, or can help send a message with nonn verbal communication. Red is, therefore, I would prefer to wear something red.

I have been gifted a brass tie pin by my service boy. A red symbol for world aids day which has only passed but six days earlier. The small stud pressed between the stitching of the tie and the round brass clasp clicks into place. We are going to an establishment known for engagment of sex and kink making this a good message to wear. Perfect.

My wrist feels light, searching over the bed in front of me I sight a black box standing out from the rest. Picking it up with one hand there is a good feel of weight, opening the lid it flips back on a latch to reveal a blue-faced, silver coloured watch shining from the overhead lighting. In the attractive face I see the word Boss. Yes I am the Boss.

The time reminding me that we all only have so much of it in our lives and the immortal ticking hand chuckling away at the decay of humans. Out of the box, removing the silk pillow currently holding the timepiece in place. Over my right hand onto the wrist where I flip the fastener over and press in place with a clear click, shirt sleeve tugged slightly back into place.


I call for the slave, one call is all it needs. I hear silence and a scuffle as she comes running up the stairs to see me standing at the end of the bed dressed. Sudden moment of still, realising he is in the room, "Mr Smith" is all she spoke, there is quiet. I ask how do I look and in return she raised her eyes with a quiet "very nice Sir", eyes back to the floor.

Looking infront of me, she had opted for a little blue dress, a bit out of charactor but more feminine than the usual boy, was the look that she wanted for this evening also and to match my colour of atire. She had also put the blue stone Swarovski neclace on which twinkled in the light above us just like her little face. Hair tied back to a pony tail making easy grip for when she is on her knees later on.

We was to be involved in a play scene in the evening before our time with alone with our new friends, Bob slips the overalls designed for the play scene over her little dress and I tell her to start taking the play kit downstairs . Off she goes to load the boot with metal cases, and a short journy to reach our destination. I opted to drive today, doesn't happen often but I fancy a change.


Fast forward an hour later and we are at the carpark of the venue, our final destination for the evening. A pleasent drive was taken with the usual repeat of christmas songs we are all growing tired singing along to this time of year. I pull up in the carpark to notice a car flashing us from behind. I'ts our new friends whom we are spending the evening with.

Reversing to the space next to them we have the windows down for some small chat with the heated seats while people wait for the venue doors to open in the brisk night air like happy little lambs.

This small chat is only the second time she has properly met the male of the couple. She has gone a little nervous knowing the planned agender for later in the evening. Everyone is in high spirits as we are all indeed looking forward to seeing the play scene that I have planned this same evening for a bit of 'light' entertainment.

A short wait, talking about the evening continued. We see and hear the doors to the gate being opened with the clanging of chains with a bunch of keys. Once the gates opened people gather to the main door waiting for entry into the venue. We all step out of our verchles to gather our gear from the boots. I get my first proper look at what the woman i'll be kidnapping for an hour is wearing.

It's not much, even with the cold air she wears not much very well. The small shoes trying to make a small height that little bit taller, I still look down on her. Red and black little number, hair done nice and looking like butter wouldnt melt in her mouth, but I know better and this woman has the mind of water treatment plant but smelling much sweeter.

She has an idea of what im like and is enjoying the view of my suit without trying to stare and keeping herself busy while we wait in line to get in Slave to my side, service boy to the other, giving me plenty of space stopping people from crowding me up, giving my armour full view to anyone looking. Yes I am here.

She is closer than most, smiling and talking. Would look much more pleasing to the eye with a hand round her throat, later perhaps. We are through the doorway now, entry paid and time to claim the room for my play scene to kick the evening off before the planned event later on. Out come Dr Smith to open the practice. Read about my medical scene here.


Short break after the medical scene with trip downstairs to the busy bar. Slave removes her play scene overalls to reveal the little blue girlie dress with a nervous smile. The wife I would be taking away for my own amusment was also at the bar with her husband, who would be shortly taking my slave for entertainment.

I send slave with my service boy to go and find a empty room which slave can use for her time on her knees or back, with a different man. I stayed at the bar with the other couple and made small talk while we waited in our little group at the end of the bar.

The music and number of people by the bar at the end where we was sitting simply vanished, people don't crowd around me I have noticed. Regardless of how busy the venue was, my only focus was on what his wife was wearing and what bad things I can subject her to while knowing what is in store for slave.

The wife already over excited after watching the medical scene looked wide eyed and smiling, perhaps a little of the nerves showing, her husband also in a good mood. He is dressed smart, dark clothing well groomed male, toned in his twenties. We have spoken for weeks and spoke about limits and conditions for our partner swap which lead up to this moment that was only awaiting for an available room. I like him, we have simularties in both humor and taste.

He is respectable and I know he will look after my slave like he knows that i'll look after his wife. I also know he is well endowed so I am aware that slave is going to get hammered like a piece of wood by Thors hammer sending her to Valhall. Slave reappears without service boy, he has claimed an empty room so that slave can come and find myself to let me know that she's found one available.

I look at the husband and give him my sound recorder asking him to record slave getting fucked for the fun of it. I can use this another time for amusment since I will not be watching what happens in the room while they are alone, undressed, with only a bed and a latex free condom packet to keep them company.

Earlier in the evening I gave orders to my service boy. They instructed him him to stay by the room incase slave had a medical issue which everyone was aware of. I would also be able to pin point which room they where in should I need to find slave. Walking in on strangers having sex would not be met with a warm welcome should I make a mistake.

I say good bye to the husband and slave as I watch her smiling face walk into the busy crowded room towards the stairs and vanish with her screw for the evening. Leaving me alone with the wife. The filth in the black and red underwear. All mine. Lucky her, as my face shows a subtle grin.


I spend a moment to look at her, still a grin on my face. She has such a cute smile. It is almost as if I could hear "shit, shit" running through her mind. My line of work sees me play with married men and women but I have never crossed the line of kink and being sexual. This wife I have permission to use however I wish bar what few marks in the sand I will avoid crossing. However It's a vast beach with much sand.

I can describe it as like having a cake and not only eating it, but adding custard and icecream with it too. I'm a little excited to hear how slave gets on with her evening but for now it is all about what I want.

I decide that I require a little private space to lay out some verbal and physical abuse on this dirty wife I have been given. I give my command to follow me, and we go for a slow walk through the bar and to the upper floors with the various rooms, showing off she's with me. Thats right, this is with me this evening.

She follows me with anticipation like a little puppy doing as she is told with willing to please. It only takes a short time to find a room with a dark little corner which I noticed. She didn't, we carried on walking about for a few more minutes, this is making her think that she was out of the woods and everywhere was taken.

Back to the dark dimley lit room. There was three other couples having sexual engagment on a large bed space with a sheer curtain half open between us and them as we stood in a little corridor space. I closed the curtain over fully. Now they are only shadows, shapes and various noises.

They where being loud and overly obnoxious with their activities but cutting them out is not a problem. I grab a fist full of hair and throw the slut wife into the near pitch black tight corner. The space was about as wide as a single toilet cubical, rather fitting for handling filth between the dark walls. The space is completely black apart from the dull light from the room behind me trying to reach round.

My shoulders blocked the light from creeping infront of me casting a shadow of stature over my small piece of entertainment before me, just enough room for me to fit well with no chance of escape.

I stand close, she can feel my breath on her face , looking down at the tiny figure, four foot eleven, it's head barely above my waist. Shes gone very quiet and that grin look on her face knowing she is going to be taken for my pleasure.

I pull out the medical gloves which this woman, this thing, has a particular fetish for, snapping them to my hands slowly, knowing gloves are a massive turn on for it. I say it for there is no longer a woman infront of me, but a piece of filth that wants to be used. I grip the throat and whisper your mine now dirty whore. Like a switch, something came alive.

I rub the medical gloves over it's face moving over to the hair, gripping the back of it tight, slamming the now captured head into the wall which stands tall behind , all I get in return is a open mouth and breath of acceptance with a grin. I slam it again, and slapping the face, I want to hurt this piece of filth and let it know who is giving the orders.

I let go briefly to take off the jacket from my armour, I do not wish to get it stained by makeup or any potential bodily fluids such as drool.

I swiftly return to the skantly dressed piece of trash, not an inch of movment in the dark corner awaiting my return, frozen in place wanting to run but the legs wont let it, subconcious knowing what little hope to escape would fail as I would give chase like a warewolf pounching on prey and the repercussions would be dire.

Slap goes the sound of this pretty face, slam goes the head, and my other hand explores this body under paralysis of fear. Pushing boundries I unclasp the bra exposing her breasts,eyes quickly widen and pupils dilate. "Shh, do as you're told slut". My hand wanders into already damp panties and quickly finds a little bump, "oh look what I found" which suddenly causes the knees under itself to buckle along with vocal moans.

This trash wife has been bigging it up how difficult it would be to make orgasm with my hands or anything else for that matter, I will inform the vessel of a body that it will do as I say and accept what I do without question.

Keeping hair tight in my fist and head against the wall, I continue to play with the wet cunt below me and start to slip one then two fingers inside a tight hole working my way in and out with two firlmy hooked shaped fingers deep, pressing against the cavity wall to make sure it knows i'm inside it. The groan and moans tell me message received.

Having it cum while I play was not a problem, probably a matter of minutes for the first one if not sooner. A loud gasp and shiver gave away what it did not want me to take so easily. The body and mind has no intention to fight, knowing i'm here to take whatever I desire.

My shirt and tie close against it's body, compeltely trapping, no escape, the smeared makeup piece of shit fully accepts i'm in charge and the fuck me eyes tell all I need to know.

There is no person here, no human being, just a toy to use and discard preprogrammed to open it's holes once the correct switch has been flicked. I continue with my hand invading this trash filth of a crotch, my lips close to the face as the dirty toy breaths hard whilst staring into my eyes of yearning for more.

I pulled out my fingers and put them into the open ready available mouth, the slut had no issues sucking the mess from my wet fingers, right to the knuckle down deep into the throat. I can easily tell this thing is experienced to sucking as lips held tight on my hand. I pull them back out slowly, moving straight back to her now super sensitive clit which was vocally expressed to me more than once.

"Say my name". "Smith" it replies, "louder slut!" I say with more agression. "Yes, Smith!" comes from what I thought was a quiet voice now nice and loud. I move closer to put my lips on hers. This is where I cross my usual boundry line, she kissed very well, full tongue and with passion, I bit her lip pulling it away towards me and that got a growl, the nerves are gone, as what followed was a dark laugh once I had let go.

Gripping the tiny throat with my large hand, squeezing tight, just enough to make breathing a chore, I went back to within an inch of the filths face. Blackened eyes from the well and trulty destroyed makeup, I could make out redness of cheeks on the face from my slaps and harsh handling, by allowing some light to pass from behind me revealing the face with more clarity looking up at me.

With the vanished nerves this filthy whore wanted more and pounced straight for my lips the moment that I was close once again like a long forgotten high school fling without holding back.

I force the toy on it's knees, facing my crotch, "do you want it?" A reply says "yes" while breathing heavy, as I grip her hair, "are you sure? ""yes Smith". I tell her to pull it out then and she does so without hesitation. I drag it's head back up for a moment with a sigh of great disapointment vocally expressed from the lips of the toy. "ha! as if" came from myself, pushing it back towards the floor.

Already hard the begging filth throws it's lips onto my very sturdy manhood and sucks as hard and deep as possible to get. Now I know how my fingers felt. I let her enjoy herself for a few moments while gripping her hair tight. A couple of minutes into her sucking away, I gripped the back of the head hard and pulled it away. "You dont deserve such a privledge. Put it away and zip me up whore."

With complete suprise on the face my command is quickly obeyed.

Dragging this thing back to it's feet, legs wobbling with the wet sensitive mess between the shaking legs controlling the body, I use the head as a control piece to smash the messed up face to the wall once again. "Stay". "Good whore". Taking a small step back to see why the room was so quiet, everyone had left. Maybe it was my agressive verbal and physical hitting of this small trashy cunt of a woman putting other people off.

Probably. Who has two thumbs and doesn't give a fuck...

As I had a quick check of my surroundings for people invading my space I found a man literally round the corner of my dark space. He must have been getting off on what was going on. I stared at him with a deep growl and he ran out of the room. Little bitch having no consent to do so. This corner was chosen as mine and this toys space no one elses.

I was in a mood to hurt and he did right to run. Back to my little cunt, I turned to see that it had not moved a muscle from the position I put it in, eyes staring straight into mine, wanting more. My hand back on those wet panties, vocal begging not to go for the clit again, "it's really senstitive". With a laugh I say "sure", then grip it between two fingers resulting in a vocal response which pleases me as I twist it about and the legs start to give way, struggling to stand.

I kneel infront of this quiviering mess that is aparently a woman, pushing hips back to the wall with both hands, hard. I wanted to enforce physical knowledge of where to stay without question.

While onne hand against the stomach, the hand sporting two fingers up, I plough deep into her wet cunt. I intend to bruise this hole and everything around it hard, give this piece of shit somthing to remember me by. The dirty mess cums almost straight away. While im inside I feel the struggles to stand are being battled and the legs that keep buckling, trying to stay stood up right. My hand inside a reminder to push those knees back up.

I bang the tight cunt hard lifting the meat bag of a body off it's feet gaining the maximal depth my hand could manage while pushing hard on the 'g' spot area. "Take the internal bruises I give you." All the time getting moans and groans of both enjoyment and great discomfort in now loud volume. I slightly stand and back into the mouth my fingers go once again, suck your mess from my hand and taste acceptance bitch.

I hold the neck tight, my torso pressed against this tiny toy infront of me as its eyes are looking at me with fear and exhaustion, small grins appear with little dark chuckles. I put my lips near the face one last time and no hesitation to recieve me was given. A long, slow kiss of thank you. I push its face away with my hand and say "I'm done with you filth. Good girl."


Just like that, it was over. No irritating silence, no arkward moments. Back to being a 'she'. The woman got her bra back on, adjusted her underwear and I picked up my lonely suit jacket for us to leave the room without a trace of being there accept a faint aroma which would fade away.

We went via the room her husband and my slave where in with service boy socialing outside informing me all was well. Me and the wife returned to the bar to wait for the others. Not long ago she was my play thing, a toy, a total slut I could use and abuse, now she was back to being my friend and we both turned off the desire and wants we had back in the little space we occupied. This was what I would call a perfect casual encounter.

Slave and the husband returned both smiling along with service boy. Slave quickly informed me she came at least three times leaving a wet mess each time after taking the husbands large endowment like a good toy much to his amusment. He went back to his wife and slave came back to me. One more notch to new experiences.

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