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A little update on what I have been up to with myself on the lead up to the time of year that either depresses you or makes you want to murder people with a bag of potatoes as you wait in line at the checkout. I could easily do this, many many different ways. Do you make them choke on one, do you bludgeon them to death with multiple potato stone throws or with the entire sack on one smash.

Maybe sculpt potato daggers with your car keys while waiting in the human corpse trench of a line and go mad max on their ass. Perhaps get a potato gun or slingshot...Yes, I could go on I've had plenty of time to think about this. And as for queue cutters, those people deserve no verbal or physical mercy. Bastards.

The Verlies has been a big focus in the last couple of months and recently the lounge space has been stripped and re-decorated with the finishing touches being done over the festive period. Pictures to go up when they are available of course.

This space will be enjoyed by family, friends and select few people I allow to use it for photography or the occasional private gathering. It is also the space I use for pro sessions to help people with their kink on an affordable none judgmental level. I do my part to keep mental illness down by spanking or canes.

I have taken up podcasting recently with the first show up a couple of days prior to this blog entry.

You can have a listen via...

I will not give up writing in this rambling blog, the podcasts will be completely different to what I write on here.

As time goes on I intend to have interviews, various talks about aspects of kinky life and see where the show takes me. I may even get good at it but who knows, go listen and let me know what you think of my first attempt.

I have had podcasting thoughts brought up with me on a number of occasions. I may speak about a couple of my long entries such as the new experiences entry which turned out to be around four thousand words. Would make much better for listening than reading so watch out for that one being recorded.

This year saw me and the kink family doing demos around the country. Bristol Swamp and two at the Townhouse International. There are a couple in the works for 2019 demos and I will make an entry regarding these when a more concrete yes has been given me for the go ahead.

As with any demo I do, there will be a worksheet in my Fresh Kink section of my website. This section is there to help people educate and explore safer and play with better knowledge.

I have messages, emails and kik windows popping all over the last couple days, I am not dead, just holding a potato thinking.

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