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Rock, Paper, Scissors

High above the ground, a slip, a wobble, a sigh of relief that my maker was not greeted this time. Arms held above my head and wide as if nailed to a crucifix, looking for a way out, deep breaths, carry on with a stiff upper lip. Sweat on brow I can feel moving slowly down one side of my face.

One side, the burden firmly affixed to the solid object before me, quickly waving my brush with oils and soaps to remove the visual bubbles of air that carry on breathing life into what I want now good as dead.

Slowly but surely I release one hand from the nail holding it in place from one side of the cross and manage to wave over to my other wrist to try and free it from the burden above.

Another slip, hush. Be a rock, steady and still, regain balance, do not move for the shadow of the reaper calling me below, laughing in my face.

Regain balance, not much further to go. Wave that wand over the creature and have the weight taken from my acing hands. A sigh of relief. Loose ends, snip snip.


Today I put up some twenty foot lengths of horizontal lining paper in the lounge of the Verlies space, while on the top step of some ladders and it was life-threatening!

Have a happy new year and new rambles to come!

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