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I spend a lot of time looking through vintage and older items for kink. I like mechanical items or those that are simple yet effective, such as an oak stick to hit something. Once in a while, my service boy throws something random my way that he likes the looks off. This particular item is from a popular German adult store.

Technology makes things smaller, lighter and then filtering down through time in order for it to become cost-effective to move into the general public retail market. An endoscope is a good example of this.

The device is used a lot in medical environments to explore inside the human body. It has a little led light and camera at the front. There is a long wire for it to travel as fas as is needed and the device feeds back an image to a display unit. This enables the medical professional to see for example any blockages.

These devices are widely available now for kink and adult players in the general consumer market. It is not something that you would normally see and when it was handed to me I was not expecting one of these for sure, and I am not surprised easily.

Once connected up to a device that can handle USB webcam related devices, it is really easy to use. A little wheel lets you control how powerful the light is, the camera is autofocusing and a button on the device lets you save stills.

I found that this application I found also allows me to record the video feed. The device itself is sealed, waterproof and small enough to fit in a host of places for human anatomy exploration.

This in itself opens a new level of play and a host of possibilities. Down the penis shaft perhaps, maybe go and explore the colon or go past the vaginal lips to see if there is a watch in there to tell the time that you placed up there earlier. Maybe even up the nose and down the throat while the victim watches on.

We all like to watch something that peaks an interest, particularly something that brings a sense of danger or doom. Perhaps a glimpse of the unknown. Humans by nature also want to explore. This little device helps with both of these things which is part of the attraction. It has a voyeuristic character about it while also having a type of dirty taboo to go further or stick it in places just to see what you can view on the screen.

See how something innocent looking quickly became a filthy thought?

This is a common experience in the kink scene. Looking at someone you have seen in a room and using them as a fantasy in the mind for your own pleasure. It doesn't take long to sexualise something and connect it to a fetish that you subconsciously have.

I say subconsciously. There are things there that you are yet to tap into and all it needs is a little spark to ignite a fire that will either burn and power your abilities to calm those shiney new needs; or rage and take control. Consuming all common sense making you reckless and impulsive. We have all met such people.

Like the endoscope, control and patience is needed to guide it through the unexplored space. Caution when of discovering new things by accident, it is surprising where your mind can take you

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