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Dentist Chair

Not so long ago I did a build up to a medical scene of which you can read the result of the scene HERE.

I have a dental background. The parents owned a dental lab and I worked there during my college years. It is probably the reason why I notice teeth very easily and if someone has had any work done to them such as braces or veneers. It's also why I already had various dental tools to my disposal such as the micro motor teeth drill.

The medical scene I did had dental related aspects to it as I modified the drill to use the E-stim to simulate drilling the teeth which worked out very well. I can also take impressions of the mouth and make the models that are used to build teeth on and I know the difference between a bridge and a crown.

As far as I know, there are only a hand full of half decent medical rooms in venues for public use. The one that I have used a number of times in Liverpool has an electric dental chair from around the 1970s, looks amazing and is comfortable to use.

I have been on a research mission to try and find myself a dental chair for my medical room which is under construction. After a lucky bid on a popular auction site I ended up with this...

It is a beige leather dental chair from around the 1970s. It has a weighted based and a full electric hydraulic system which can easily lift a person. The chair itself can raise and the back rest lowers and raises along with the head rest being able to move.

It had been in storage for some time but upon inspection everything seemed clean and rust free with the leather in excellent condition for its age.

The only down side to this item is the weight and low centre of gravity being a big issue when moving it, especially up a flight of stairs.

The chair itself must be around the 300kg mark and with only the base being a hard point to pick up and the stairs being a narrow space this made it very difficult for three people to navigate this heavy item.

The chair itself came all the way from Leicester taking the delivery driver just under four hours to bring it in a van arriving at 08:30 he had been driving since just after 04:00.

When I got it in the building the first thing that I said whilst I was taking these pictures was, imagine all the screams and tears of pain this bench has seen over its years of use. I got some strange looks of despair for that. Apart from a general clean nothing needs to be done other than create a space for it.

This will be the new medical room.

The idea behind this ramble entry is to show the starting point and see what the space ends up looking like once it is finished. The carpet has already been torn up and oak wood flooring has been obtained. The walls are likely going to be tile but as always, I'm looking into designs and ideas .

My service boy is renovating a vintage metal medical trolley, I have my eye on a couple of lights from around the same period and I have various tools and items to accompany the space. There is a large fluorescent light tube making the room very bright, with access to a shower room as well next door.

Once I have a fully working medical room I will be able to open it on my private social parties and also make an upgrade in services for my pro use which has been a big request over the last year or so.

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