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The next Dobbin ?

So there I am, minding my own business, stalking the local car boot early Sunday morning. The same car boot I obtained the hammer of Asgard. For those across the pond a car boot is a large space which is usually a field that people turn up, open the trunk of their car and layout items they no longer wish to own. Kind of like a garage sale but a whole estate rather than one house. I also like random things. My service boy knows this and likes to treat me with little things he thinks will be to my taste. The hunt at one of these events is half the fun, the bustling of every language you can imagine of people trying to get a better deal by 10p for items they don't need but suddenly want. I find all kinds of interesting items for DIY kink and if the weather starts to turn bad you can usually get a better price as the stall person starts to realise people are going and not coming back.

On this occasion amongst the tools, domestic items and a tidal wave of used books and LPs of Elvis, I was about to go home when I walked passed a little table with leather items on it. Anything leather usually piques my interest as anything in decent leather is not something you often find at these kind of places. Turns out the lady that owned the items had horses and the items where horse related items she no longer needed. The items included bridles, riding equipment such as the hard hats and also some reins and steel mouth bits. I went through the pile of leather items and found the two best ones ending up with a nice leather riding rein and a good-sized bit which was small enough for human use.

As the women handed over the items I acquired she asked me what horse I had, I informed her they were going on a human. The women just smiled and nodded her head. Certainly a conversation she will not forget and bring up amongst friends and coffee. It's nice to make an impression however small.

The thing about humiliation play is it can range widely and being able to have a large choice at my disposal is what makes varied choice more fun. Anyone can buy expensive items designed for people, however, I now own real used equestrian items, that smell of horse, stables and hay will play a massive role in humiliation play. It's all fine and well having that new leather smell, but actually used horse tackle is a smell you can not replicate. I am sure I will enjoy riding some little slave around my play space or at an event. I may even clean the bit, you know for hygiene reasons but the leather reins have a lush stable smell. I also managed to obtain some hoof covers that could fit around a person's wrists just for that added horse feel.

I guess now its a case of having a real horsehair tail anal plug to add to the pony play style. Perhaps even look into having some carrots in the fridge or some polo mints just for the occasion. Though thinking about it, pony play sounds too scripted and too methodical. I've seen the amount of effort people put into that side of the kinky world and it looks too pretty and to much hard work on my behalf.

I'm looking for the next Dobbin.

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