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80s Nostalgia

Make a brew this is a long one and may not even make much sense.

So the 80s was a massive part of my upbringing. I was born at the start of the 80s and one of the last generations to know a time without Facebook, without internet-related mobiles and a time when people spoke face to face.I'm also a great fan of neon, 80s hair and understanding the value of a bike to socialise with friends, understand that hulk hogan was a wrestling icon and that the Simpsons was the show to watch.

I'm also greatly fond of film photography.Mobile phones are a bane, they are, there is nothing worse than being at a concert or a bar and everyone is stood there watching the gig or talking to people with their phones in their faces rather than paying attention to reality. With my film camera, I take a quick flash snap and carry on watching what is in front of me taking in the atmosphere.

See the new generation kinkster is like a mobile phone whereas we from the 70s and 80s are very much like 35mm film cameras. The mobile phone kinkster averages the early to late 20s, like all the shiny. It has to be up to date, it has to be captured, tweeted, rinse and repeat, even the food in front of them the world has to know about that particular chicken burger. Kink wise all the local scene has to see the new shiny toy the latest in play with the currently bottom or top that is the flavour of the month.

There are that many dick and cunt pictures on the internet these days it is any wonder how people even have time to scratch their behinds when trawling through them. As let's be honest, it's not hard to find nudity online. Mobile phone kinksters have to snap it all, video it all and ensure its there for sharing with the masses just for likes, loves and the thought that people give a damn when in fact its just empty space filled by digital code.

Now while this is perfectly acceptable for the modern-day, I feel a little sad for these people who don't appreciate what is in front of them in this use once a disposable world.

Sure we are getting more re use and recycle but it won't change the fact that people expect things now, yesterday and for communication to be instant. This causes stress, anxiety and people have committed suicide from losing friends of media platforms. Mobile phone kinksters constantly need reassurance what they are doing is right and always looking for the next charging point to keep topped up. It is always easy to be opinionated behind a screen rather than in person.

The art of conversation is lost and people in a room unsure how to communicate.Now me, I'm a 120 film camera as I'm big, I love capturing all the detail and making sure I record as much as possible for that split second I'm on this planet. 35mm camera people are very much the same except 35mm is more pocket size and just a tad more convienent to suit peoples lives.

Now the film camera kinkster is averaging late 30s to the 40s and upwards.

Film kinksters understand you don't need the latest technology to do the exact same thing as something slightly older, something more pretty and yet not as expensive can achieve. They understand that you need to live for the moment and the physical snapshot of memory you can hold, then talk about face to face to people who value your company.

Communication is more important than ever as it takes longer to relay the information. Therefore you need to have better skills at giving out information as well as processing the information you receive. More time is taken to ensure it's accurate, you spend longer on the subject matter and then when it's right you fire that shot. Face to face projects so much more conversation to another person, body language is a massive part of communication which aids in helping us develop social interaction skills.

Of course, each era has its plus and minus, people will have their preference and that is usually that in most circumstances. I am seeing more shows on TV which have the 80s style set up, clothing and environment as its an interest people are having as part of a modern fashion. Maybe people are just wanting to see a simpler time to escape from the world of constant media attention in every direction you look.

At the moment one of the Verlies rooms is being stripped and decorated, I like seeing the ageing wallpaper people once thought was the hight of being the now and faces these days quickly turn sour. In an age where people want things now, cheaper and faster than before I do wonder if the world will come full circle after reaching a critical point of unsustainability.

It is nice to talk in person.

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