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Thank You Mister Smith!!

So, the delightful Mister Smith, does, at times have his moments where I think that he is the best thing since whatever I thought the last best thing was.

Thanks to Mister Smith, you get to read the hundreds of words that I like to string together as he has given me access to his space here, and I am very much taking him up on that offer.

Who am I? I'm known on the fetish scene as Beauty-In-Pain or Filth (with a capital FFFFF). I'm inked, pierced and masochistic, I little, also a bottom to some. I know some stuff. I talk a lot and I regard myself as a princess. I identify as a girl rather than female, I attend fetish events when I can. I’m mentioned in Mister Smiths blog and you can hear my voice if you listen to the podcast. My boyfriend is mentioned as ‘the boyfriend’ he isn’t on the scene, and doesn’t discourage the fact that I am.

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