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Perverted Chop Sticks

I inspired myself to do a scene with chopstick related items and elastic bands. You can check out the podcast that talks about this on my rambles podcast.

Chopsticks, an example that kink doesn't have to cost the earth. I have metal ones as well however they had illuded me for this play scene and my pup obtained me different types of wooden sticks. Left are bamboo skewers, the middle a hardened heat resisted plastic chopstick, and right, a traditional wooden chopstick. Each pack was only £1 which even surprised me. The metal ones I got for around 20p each on a flea market. With further investigation, I found out something interesting about chopsticks and that is the tip usually gives away what area they are used in as the eating preferences of the locals.

Firstly the chopstick is as old as the folk around 5000 years so the internet tells me and their Chinese name is kuaizi.

Secondly, Japan has shorter chopsticks which taper down to a pointed end. In Korea, they are made with a medium length as well as with a flat shape. Vietnam and Chinese are similar as they have blunt ends.

I mention in the podcast various ways I was dreaming up to use chopsticks and bamboo in general. Bamboo sticks and bamboo chopsticks are strong, heat resistant, and have a variety of uses some of which i'll visually show you some ideas here.


Make sure your victim, subject, pup is nice and comfortable. Also, restrain the hell out of your subject as involuntary flaying around is irritating and can often involve having to slap the subject back to earth. It may also cause further injury so best to make sure the legs and arms are not going anywhere. I like to use rope over leather cuffs to stop noticeable marks for those who don't wear long sleeves. I added a neck strap during this scene as well to stop the head flying forward. I am not fond of being head-butted. A rubber hood muffles sound as well as making the subject control his breathing as hard breaths are hard in the mask. A blindfold also helps make the skin more sensitive. Sight and sound reduction always makes more fun.

I enjoy playing classical music in my medical room, nothing quite like Carmina Burana: O Fortuna to make the devious side come to light while humming along. There is also a pandemic so masking up, gloving up and in a cleanroom is also the trend these days.

Grab, Jab & poke.

The most common use of chopsticks is for is grabbing food from a plate to eat it or moving it from a small bowl to your mouth. If you can use chopsticks properly, you can do a fairly good one-handed grip. You can then rub the stick ends together, twist around the nipple, and even pull it away from the chest depending on the pain tolerance of the subject. Basically use the nipple as a piece of sushi. The fact these are Chinese style chopsticks means the ends aren't cutting into the body and allow you to use the body as a lever to push against the skin to raise the pinched nipple further.

The flat end of the stick makes excellent poking rods, like really good. Once you have had a go at the nipple the surrounding area wakes up considerably. Just gentle strokes gt a shuddering reaction, a swift poke certainly made use of the restraints as the subject involuntary spasmed which I found hilarious as he tried to control breathing through the Russian gas mask currently on his head knowing that if he tries to breathe hard he is going to get dizzy.

The bamboo chopsticks have got a fair weight to them as bamboo is fairly dense even though it absorbs liquid, you can use them as mini cane sticks. Drumming in the same place for a few moments with the tapered end between your thumb and index finger using the broader end of the chopstick as the weighted end. Let the own weight of the chopstick bounce up and down in the same area such as the nipple or the surrounding zone for a vocal effect with minimal effort. After all minimal physical effort from the top with high output is very much preferred.

Get the elastics out.

Poking, prodding, pinching, and pulling. We can do better than that. Grab a couple of elastics and make some nipple claps. The wooden chopsticks had a bit more physical give and bend than the heat resistant plastic one were which were much firmer and therefore more harsh to use. Also, the strength of the bands makes a difference as well as how far towards the tapered end you push the nipple down. This causes extra strain on the end elastic making a much tighter clamping.

This is very easy to achieve with various results. I placed one bamboo side and one plastic side for different sensations. Once you have the nipples clamped like this a whole host of options are made available. You can now twist with ease and flick. You can also press the sticks together harder for a very firm crushing effect. With nipples don't spend too long with some type of sensation as they easily come to accustom with whatever is going on and stop reacting as much.

You can of course just use the elastic on its own to bob onto a certain area, such as the nipples. Just be aware when you bob something like this that you have the means to get back under the tight elastic to cut it off if you can not remove it. Mine came with a little plastic hook.

Also to check for blood circulation issues such as if you elastically tied the ball sack don't leave it on overnight for example. A simple mini elastic on the nipple keeps it erect and sensitive enough that a gentle nudge causes convulsions.

Something to keep in mind about bamboo is that it is a porous type of wood meaning it will soak up a sweat as you use them for various uses like what I have mentioned above. They are best to be kept to one play session and discarded.

They are biodegradable and cost pennies so there is no excuse for recycling. The elastic bands are less then a pence each if your factoring in cost and are very minimal on the waste You can get biodegradable elastics if your an echo warrior hippy but I find they snap easily under strain which makes, them expensive and often useless if you intend to put them through their paces. An elastic band snapping to the face is a bit of a winching moment which I would rather avoid.

The upper part of the body has many other uses for chopsticks. You can jab under the arm go for pressure points, clamp the tongue very much like how I did the nipples, or even across the ear for that extra stinging masochism effect.

As with all things up, there is also of course down.

By this point there is no point being shy, treat anything between the legs more firmly as its obviously been put there for your own personal amusement. In this case the pup on the table has dangling parts that are easy to clamp, twist and jab much like the nipple but less likely to come off with a bit of force. I can be a bit rougher here and basically more of a bastard.

The great thing about using chopsticks I find is the versatility of something that you can get widely available, they don't splinter or snap easily but are hard and firm to do a range of things you would otherwise spend a lot of money on buying in the kink world of specific items. As stated in my podcast you can even snap the wooden chopsticks for a while different range of scratchy tickling senses or sharp jabs. Don't try to snap heat resistend plastic chopsticks, they can go one of two ways. Bend and just stay like that or bend then snap with a fair amount of force causing splinters.

Go forth with your new inspiration and come up with your ideas however just keep in mind the power of the chopstick next time you order Chinese food.


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