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Purple Ribbon - P2 The Club.

I'm in the short queue for the entrance to the club. My bard, my chaperone, my servant and friend all in one leather wrap is stood by the side of me carrying my bags. Small talk is had with the people around. I do not wear a jacket or coat, admire my tie with glinting tie pin from the over head floor light.

The weather is a popular British choice incuding fairly chilled but windy. The cold never bothers me however those in front and behind were not far of death from hypothermia with the complaints I was hearing. Should anyone die in front of me least the queue would be shorter.

We have a clear way into the initial door entrance. The bard steps to the side to allow me first in. I allow him to get into the warmth first as he glances me a confused look while quickly moving forward. I join him in the small space that is housing myself and three other couples waiting to show membership cards to the clerk. "If the donkey dies from the cold then the master has to carry to load" he gave a small chuckle understanding my humour and acknowledging my best intentions looking after him at all times. I could see he was cold but was trying not to show it.

Around twenty minutes past in the queue, we made it to the clerk desk were boots clears my entry fee. I find myself walking into music, laughter and a buzz of life at a full on fetish night in a private members club. Naked people of both sexes walk past me, some on leashes amongst the various collars, scantly dressed subs, slaves, bottoms and pets. was also the vast tops, dommes, dominants, masters and so forth with everything in between with a range of outfits.

The dress sense was a wide choice. Leather, lace, rubber, birthday suits, spikes, chains, makeup, tutus, corsets and shirts of all colours. I do believe I find myself wearing one of the upper end of posh in the suit wearers. Often you can tell a lot by a kinkster with what he or she is wearing, sometimes very little but if you look closely you can usually make out something about that person and what their kink is or at least an idea if you are talking to a Top or bottom.

Collars are a good indication of scene ownership meaning the person is attached or has someone with them relevant to the dynamic they are in. The styles and designs of collars is a fascinating one and its very rare to find any two the same. walking into a club with a hundred or so people takes a bit of confidence, it can be a daunting place but it's not the first time I've been here and I find it as easy as walking into a local newsagents.

My chaperone bard in his full leather outfit, head to toe, leather tie included with black peaked cap, black boots and black gloves. Black as a brass container of boot polish with a shine to match the container exterior, sporting a fresh hair cut. His silver hair a perfect match for the colour choice of leather. He knows I intend to be looked at with my suit and didn't wish to disappoint from his side. I know that all I have to do is turn slightly towards him and the smell of leather would drown out any social perspiration from the surrounded atmosphere.

The first space you enter is the bar, there is music playing with a very nice bar on the right-hand side stocking a vast range of drinks both hard and soft with friendly kinky staff. The venue used to be a pub so I would assume this is the original outlay. The room itself is a good size with the majority of people standing. It was the main walk through zone for the exit, jacuzzi, smoking area, bar and then for the rest of the club. There is seating around the edges however this space is nearly always occupied. A screen on the wall showing adult entertainment that no one pays attention too but its fun to catch a glimpse now and then while passing. It is a thing adult entertainment licensed private member clubs layout and fairly common to have screens dotted around the place.

As I say hello to various familiar faces the first port of call is to head to the first-floor locker room to store bags, phones and so forth away for easier moving around the venue. I was saying hello to a familiar face as I moved through the bar lounge when I was approached by a very tall woman. It was the consent form receiver and she lit up the room with people offering her their visual attention whom now are looking in my direction as she stands in front of me and boots with a nervous smile.

In front of me with a smile on her face stood this tall individual of at least five foot twelve or so with around fifty percent of that being just legs. She was wearing very little yet so much. Everything was black, having a full look starting from her feet there were double ankle buckle stiletto heels following on with sheer stockings with a solid black trim at the top holding the stockings in place.

Her torso had a once piece lace outfit that reminded me of the eighties leotard outfits women used to wear that always had a visible rear end and side leg. The material came under and over the crotch then hugging the waist in a V shape. The lace was florally patterned but it was visible there was no underwear underneath, A open cleavage area branched up to her shoulders then down her arms with sleeves making it a single one-piece item. Very well kept nails finished off her hands. A single cross of black lace went over her cleavage to keep the outfit from falling off her chest.

Blond hair was nearly reaching the waist, make up was subtle yet striking with a smile that was happy to see me following by a kiss on the cheek "hello".

It was the person whom I had sent the just in case consent form. She was instructed to come initially say hello while making sure people could see her welcome me. This was achieved rather well. If I was a Duracell battery that charged on the attention I just got given a nice boost of power after the initial drive down had slightly diminished. She greeted my chaperone with a friendly smile and further hellos. Everyone likes boots. He is very likeable, approachable with an honest face making it difficult not to greet him.

I could feel the eyes staring at me, this women certainly was an eye candy cane walking through a sea of starving elves with no sign of Christmas. I said to her come find me once I've sat down if she wishes to initiate the interest in having a play scene with me. I'm aware she's in a bit of a down place, in need of help with a demon in her head and I'll open the witcher practice to see what can be done should she choose to come back later.

Once belongings are placed in the locker, you then realise where you are. The locker room often has people getting changed, transformations happening and is not a place for the shy. It is a wonderful environment to be a part of, so many friendly people with a tolerance of each other person around them. When you leave this room you are now in the club mind frame. I went from an evil bastard of a mood to something now more playful and less strict. My rant to boots on the drive down obviously calmed my ego that was in Viking axe swing mode at the time.

Back to the ground floor, I go, moody dark lighting is in plentiful, anyone I look at gives me a smile, perhaps its the tie?. Into the main room on the right where I find a demo scene is ongoing. A demo scene is a play scene where someone is showing off in public for the sake of showing off as well as often educating others into an idea of how something can be done in a particular way. A young woman dressed with only bruises is attached to a cross being stung with what I can best describe as a dragon tail. There is a man and a women taking turns to take part in this on going visual experience giving the cuffed women an excursion of the senses.

Picture a tea towel rolled up whipping your backside except this is leather with a handle. She is dancing about with her feet unable to move away from the cross as the pleasure administrators who happened to be a male and a women whom is the club host, co-topping together. This scene was causing the most interesting of various noises while black makeup runs down the receivers pretty face. This is not something you see often being both good fun and a privilege to see this kind of thing being carried out consensually for all to see.

To my left there is a leather couch that has no one sat on it, I make my move and place myself squarely on the space unbuttoning my middle waistcoat button. Perfect view of the whole room and the ongoing scene. If you walk in and out of the room you have to notice me. I have a small grey low table in front of me. I allow boots to sit next to me. He deserves a bit of relaxing time he has been very busy and slightly stressed with life ongoings. Also, 'look I have a leather toy with me, no one else does says the voice in my head with a bit of cackle'.

I send boots on his way for tea. A cup of tea fixes anything here in England. Having a bad day? a cup of tea. Divorce? a cup of tea, Severe limb loss? have a cup of tea. I don't mind it with milk on social occasions, occasionally it's nice with lemon if I am reading a book and with cream, if its snow outside.

Doesn't take long before there is a long set of legs stood in front of me. She's back. It would appear the candy cane wants the attention of Chris Kringle and not the workshop elves. She kneels to the side of the table with her right side towards me and left side towards the rest of the room, smiling and watching the ongoing scene while struggling to keep in the small space with her long limbs with added heels.

Huzaar, boots returns to the room with my tea and sits beside me once again. No one else I allow to sit beside me at this current time only him. He can tell by my way with words I am in a much calmer state, Verbally I'm using please and thank you. He knows I am always grateful with his service, pleases and thank you are often in my communication with him even though he doesn't require it in the slightest. If I am in a strict mood I simply put out requests or commands to which he reacts to accordingly with hesitation.

Tea, a nice cuppa. Outcomes the little leather pouch from my bag as I requested access to and boots got onto the task to find the items I require. I had no intention what so ever of searching around in a leather bag with white sleeves. I pull out the neat bundle of purple ribbon halfway from the leather pouch placing it on the table next to legs. She notices it letting out a sigh with a small giggle while touching it with her hand. I can see joy appearing in her eyes with excitement.

The consent form that had been received earlier, had a few options at the bottom that were required for full consent to be given, permitting me to carry out what was chosen on the list of options. A photo ID is required in order to show it was the person in question as well as a selfie holding a sign stating "I consent to wear the purple ribbon"

The purple ribbon was an idea I coined for this occasion with short notice after my earlier searching for photo frames, I will probably apply it in the future depending on how this plays out. This was to be a casual play occasion with an individual I have not played with before nor know much about other than from brief passing of messages online and the information on the consent form.

I wanted to give the option a clean cut in and exit strategy. While wearing a piece of my purple ribbon, the person wearing it then becomes in a scene with me with all aspects of the consent form taking place should I choose to act upon them. Anything on the form doesn't demand the need to ask or gain any form of permission to initiate during the ribbon time.

If the wearer decided to take the ribbon off that is an instant scene dismissal, an exit, The safe word 'red' was already in place as a verbal safety system for her with it being the clubhouse word. All bets are off and everything stops as consent is withdrawn to continue. The purple ribbon acts as a symbol to allow the wearer to be in the correct mind frame and then be able to leave once removed and go back to socialising as normal.

I tested the waters of obedience a little bit not long after she came to my feet. I did this by leaning over, twirling my left hand into her long hair while she watched the ongoing public play scene and pulling her head towards me. She promptly sat up, lean across my lap so her head was next to mine to face the mirror which was behind myself. Using her hands she braced herself holding onto the base of the chair.

Trying to turn her head towards me she tried to nuzzle her nose into my beard while the tight grip my fist currently bad made it difficult for her to move. She was taking in how good I smelled while her eyes were closed. I moved my face close to her, my nose touching her hair so I could whisper into her ear. "Listen to me" the women's eyes opened, looking to the side best she can to see my eyes."From now on you only talk to me whispering into my ear, you understand?"

I got a little nod, the women was that captivated the voice in her head was talking to me but her mouth skills had temporarily vanished. I pushed her hair away from me so the women could go back to kneeling.

I was able to judge whether putting the ribbon on was going to work out with this simple serious of events. Complete compliance was given so far.

I asked where would she like the purple, neck wrist or leg. She replied neck with a small little voice in my ear "neck please" therefore, I chose the wrist. " I knew that was coming", A nervous statement to try and get herself together in the head knowing what the ribbon means as well as the options she had chosen to accept on the form.

While I tie the ribbon to her wrist, I task boots with finding the small six-inch metal ruler from my bag, and to bring about the scissors be brought. Nice and sharp fabric cutters. He knew I would need something to cut the ribbon so ensured he brought an item to do the job in case my mind did not include it in my multitude of short notice preparation for the evening. He was instructed to snip eight six-inch lengths of ribbon since there are eight bells.

The ribbon is now in place, Now referring to her as fox. This is a nickname she likes so I found it fitting. I see a sigh of relief, perhaps because now she knows personal control has been removed, giving up a bit of control can bring a lot of pressure off someone if they are having life ongoings. Able to forget the real world and disappear down the rabbit hole for a little while with someone she can trust.

"Sit up straight, knees on the floor hands behind her back" I want to have a look at what she is wearing again. I place my foot between her legs rubbing her crotch with the toe of my shoe. I can see for sure there is no underwear as the lace struggles to keep all of her bare lips in place. "you know if you displease me I can always just kick you here" The pupils of her eyes suddenly got wide with a penny dropping, I don't lie. She couldn't comprehend what to do other than stare straight at me in the hope I don't.

I place my foot back on the floor, reach into my leather bag where I easily see a purple lanyard to which I remove and placed around the foxes neck. I attached a note pad to it. "You have now no voice other than writing on this note pad" I get a nod in return.

As boots continues to lay out the strips of ribbon, fox struggles to keep in the cramped space between my table and the one next to use with people around it due to her long legs. I find this amusing as she keeps moving around to release the pins and needles building up in her calves which are being cut off from proper circulation with the knee under bent weight.

Fox gets the first couple of bells threaded fairly easily with a smug smile. "boots, take these strips of ribbon and make small snips to both ends" The look from fox was that of dismay, the ribbon end is now fraying and more difficult to thread. Of course, I grin like the cheshire cat that often mocked Alice's situation.

I continue to watch the ongoings of the room and make small talk with boots. I let fox know that I gave boots the task of cutting the ribbon in correct lengths because even though he is my servant he is also male which instantly puts him above her for doing things correctly. I ensure people around us hear this to twist it into her head that little bit better. boots shows a smile knowing what I am doing but is always on his toes for in case I throw a curveball at him. I allow him to drink his cup of tea while she loops the bells.

I can see not being able to use her voice is a struggle that I found entertaining. Any little things she wanted to say had to go on the notebook. My mocking of her nearly broke her silence but she thought better of herself aiming to please me. This fox was smarter than most, I am aware she is intelligent which I admire. Writing down certain things on the notebook then referred back to them rather than scribbling out repeated messages was one of the little things that helped her do things quicker. I don't like to wait.

A person sitting towards the left, currently looking at the back of fox, comments that her behind is a good view, I thanked this couple and asked if they would like a proper view and I got nodding heads with "yes please". "right fox, stand up and face me" to her feet she popped without even a hesitation. "touch your toes" I got an upper lip bite from her and down she went giving the couple behind a good view of her arse and legs with only a string of underwear between. They found it a fantastic gesture and foxes public humiliation was well underway. A little bum shake, then "stand back up", "back to the bells".

I noticed she was now wetting the end, twisting the ribbon to go through the holes. I wonder what else is getting moist. Tisk tisk. I picked up the last ribbon and she looked at me with a grin as if to say yes I can do this and it's easy. I placed a tight knot at either end of the ribbon fully well knowing if she picks it apart it will fray badly.

I pulled her hair to the side of my face once again, "try that one smart arse" I hear her smell me while she has the chance with a grin and let her drop back to her knees.

This happened to cause the fox to have a moment of stress and difficulty as I mocked her. "come on, hurry I don't have all day". "See boots, men don't have this issue with obedience, having a woman involved makes life far more difficult" Fox didn't dare glare comment or give any idea that what I said got to her. "comon fox, got something to say?" A bleak head shake indicates she does but isn't silly enough to suggest it verbally. A message on the notebook, "no".

Busy busy toiling with the ribbon, don't keep him waiting, he is staring at me, hurry hurry. Finally, the bells are all ribboned up and she beams a bit smile. An achievement that has given her a good feeling and sense of accomplishment in completing what I asked for. It is good to give an achievable boost now and then to help with the mind to carry on if struggling.

The bells were placed neatly back inside the leather pouch once the task in hand had been completed. The fox was feeling good, ready for the next task to keep my attention.

While on her knees, facing behind me, the people behind her were enjoying the view again. I instructed boots to take the bells and to go place them in the areas to which I had written down on a note pad earlier. He was tasked with putting them in various places around the club. He took the orders with excitement and off he went, disappearing into a crowd of people near the stairs past the doorway on my right like a little puppy to find a ball.

Fox realised she was alone with me now and was wondering what boots was doing. Still, on her knees I reached over once again to have her head next to mine, trapped by hair in my fist I could see her eyes looking left at me and nowhere else. Waiting for what was next. “He has gone to hide the bells, you will go find them won’t you” A shallow nod was given as the tight grip of hair was not making it easy to move her head. I released her head and she fell back to her knees as my closed fist pushed up on her chin to give her

a little extra momentum for moving back, dismissing her like a tissue.

"Sit up" Promptly she sat up straight, I leaned over and patted between her legs with the back of my right hand just to see if I got a reaction. A little moan and her eyes not moving off me. A few moments went buy of me looking at her, making her wait, thinking about the next steps of my cunning plotting and devious mind. A good job I'm wearing gloves while patting her crotch I don't want to get my hands wet.

Boots appears back from the crowd, “Sir the bells are in place” I point to the floor “enough sitting for a while, knees” I turn towards the fox with a slight tilt to my chin while picking up my note pad. I pick a colour bell from my list and give a brief cryptic clue as to where the bell was. “This one is beneath me, there may well be two but you can only bring back one” She was sitting up with attentive listening. "Don't forget to only use your note pad to ask people questions" enthusiastic nod was received.

I gave a limit and sent her off. When she took to her feet she towered over people sitting around her due to the heels and extra leg, scurrying off into the busy socialising people unaware that this fox is on a mission to impress.

Boots went to hide the last bell in the room where we were seated when she disappeared to find the task. He came back and knelt next to me waiting for instruction. Fox returns, it did not take her long but she failed her first time limit but was looking for praise. I did set the first time unrealistically short. This was so she was more than likely to fail so my forgiveness would look very merciful and therefore empower my stature above her.

On her knees she goes, I drag her face with a bit more force back to mine to let her know I’m slightly unimpressed with her first time effort even though I give a slight grin that she missed. “If you fail my time limits, this will inhibit your private time with me do you understand” quick nods with a look that shows but concern and excitement. She wants this private time, over the knee spanking that is the end goal, the Holy Grail to her life at this current moment and she was not going to mess this up over failing to find a few tin bells.

I went to speak to a couple of familiar faces while she was hunting in the club. Leaving boots on his knees for a few moments. Letting them know yes I am here. Making the effort to approach a group letting people know I want them to see I am here. The idea is to enforce in the back of their minds I'm nearby and know people in their group. Small talk is made with me regarding what I am up to trying to downplay being interested.

I ask for a review on my tie preference just to be slightly egotistical. Couple nods of approval but I could see in their eyes various thoughts of dislike with the few looks of approval and one person was staring wishing for me to take her back to my scene. I find reading people interesting, I consider myself fairly well knowledge on reading body language. Subtle moments are harder to spot but make the searching worth the while.

I see fox return, I made a noticeable point of her return for my current company to see her go back onto her knees by the table, where boots is also residing looking towards me waiting in case I need him for whatever reason. Always paying attention to my needs. I make my excuses to leave their company and return back to speak to her about this latest find. The middle button of the waistcoat released, as I walk past her looking down as she looks up for a response to the new bell find. I sit back into my leather seat and ponder.

"This is too easy for you" It really was, she was not finding this a challenge now I needed to up my game. "Remove one of your shoes" I get a confused and worried look from fox. "Both shoes?" was the reply with the note pad. She fully well knows that I said one shoe. Her response was merely processing the order in her head to manifest it to be real and not something made up in her head. "One shoe, now".

I watch her try to move her legs around in the tight space between the tables to enable her access to the footwear. One shoe removed, "stand up" I was amused, I found those around staring at her one foot on the floor and the height difference with the heel on the other foot.

"Forth bell, all the way up to the stop floor, off you pop." I got a look of are you serious, she knows I was, I did not get any verbal replies and instead, she disappeared into the crowd of people once again limping. Further small talk is had with the couple next to me. More than the three minutes allotted time has gone by, I begin to wonder what has happened to her. I send boots to go looking. I don't like to be kept waiting. She could have fallen or come into some difficulty so it was best to make sure she was okay. I know boots will find her and ensure my waiting is kept to the minimalist it can be.

They both return shortly after he left the room, struggling to find the bell was the excuse. Excuses are just words that try to explain why your efforts are not good enough. If it is not good enough then why do I bother to give my valuable attention? Back on her knees I grip the hair under her chin from either side of the head, twist around my fist and pull her to the side of my face once again.

I express my disgruntled issue with being kept waiting, she gave a seductive smile, kissed my cheek while smelling me, "sorry sir". Have I just been played to give her an excuse to get close to my face again, touché indeed. This one is a bit too clever. I do not show any sign of this thought and let her rest back onto her legs. "Put your shoe back on" I see the sigh of relief. "go get yourself a drink, your going to lose the use of your mouth shortly so make use of the time given"

Boots, time for tea, "very good sir". I get a few moments to myself to reset and take in the surroundings. It is like a mental break. Running what is essentially a scene on two sides with two adults at my beckoning takes a lot of self-control not to abuse or mentally strain them. I need to ensure I am in complete control with ideas that challenge but are not impossible. Impossible loses interest, losing interest, loses control, losing control is not an option. It appears I am alone for the time being, I am never alone with the thoughts in my head keeping me well occupied.

Four, five minutes later, they both return with drinks. I allow fox to sit on the chair and have her drink as a little part way break so to say. Makes me look far more the good guy, Mister merciful perhaps, maybe the crowd around us just got confused as to why the submissive girl is now sat next to me. I like playing with peoples heads I could see it had got to one or two people sitting a far. I glance around the room appearing to pay no attention but I see everything.

I feel like putting my feet up” boots leans over from kneeling on the floor the look of happy is in his eyes. He knows he is upon this request, it is his duty to offer up his back for my feet to go upon. A privilege. I gather further stares from people sitting around me perhaps one being very new to this situation before them not expecting what I consider they are thinking as male on male superiority.

Me being the big bad dominate on the poor feeble little submissive. This is not about a question of boasting superiority, it is me taking what which is offered from being earned.

I do not consider myself better than my boots, it is a mutual respect that in return for me looking after him he devotes servitude to making me happy and content where ever possible. Some may never have even seen this kind of obedience, this level of servitude. It was an educational visual lesson to those being treated to look upon my techniques and actions. There where those wishing to be involved within the dynamic but could only look on, processing thoughts in their head, materialising new ideas.

I kept one foot on the floor, face level with boots so he can see my leather shoes and study the pattern stitched and cut into them while the other is firmly on his back. I ensure he knows it’s there digging the heel into him now and then, making my leg heavy. He will not drop me while there is breath within him. Fox was sat close to my right, looking on as boots had my foot on his back, he had a hunger in her eyes that was wishing it was her. But no it was boots, it is his role to be under my feet, I do not give that to anyone lightly.

Fox takes a few sips of her drink, "make use of that mouth while you have access to it" a confusing wide-eyed look glances in my direction.

I twirl my hand into her hair, "floor", "boots rise and move to the side". Without hesitation, he swiftly moves to the right making space for the fox to come down to the floor. I take a cookie from the table in front of me and take a few bites. "I think other people would appreciate one of these cookies, boots bring me the gag" Knowing exactly what I mean, he gets onto his feet "Yes sir" and disappears into the crowd through the right doorway, up towards the locker room.

Fox has no idea what it is instore nor any idea what boots will be fetching back with him. She looks towards the doorway with peaked interest, if only I could hear those thoughts in her head. I eat my cookie as it only takes a few minutes for boots to return with a bag, he kneels and starts searching through the items it contains, passing me the gag which I am looking for. It was a service gag.



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