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To get the ball rolling I have decided to bring out a common male physical restraint device called the Humbler. This simple but effective tool is also one of my favourites.



  • Easy to fit.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Light but strong.

  • Will fit on most males.

  • Strong humiliation level.

  • Will not let the submissive stand keeping him on his knees.


  • Not suitable for anyone with bad knees or back

  • Takes a few moments to remove and fit.


The Humbler is a testicle cuff which clamps around the base of the scrotum with a bar which passes around the back of the thighs locking the submissive legs into a folded position placing him on the knees. If the submissive tries to stand, considerable discomfort is placed in the groin area.

Since the Humbler has a small gap rather than a flat surface, blood flow to the scrotum is not compromised. This allows a longer time of use as well as no long term issues other than maybe some cramp in the legs if on the knees for extensive amount of time. If this device is used for a long time I do recommend that once its removed, the submissive lies on his back and slowly extends the legs while stretching for a few moments.

This device can be used with various other applications with great effectiveness. Spanking, canes, crops are all very common uses as well as the inclusion of electrics and other forms of CBT. The Humbler itself can come in various forms with different add ons and creations but the simple wooden black simplicity of the basic shape and style makes this device something you must try at least once if given the chance.

You can use this by yourself as well as fit it alone with no problems. Be aware though if using this solo to allow time for removing it as you will be looking at a few minutes at the very least making this not a quick escape tool.

Cost wise the Humbler can range from mid to high price depending on retailer and the style as well as any extras which may have been added. The standard black wooden one is usually around the £30 mark which is at the lower end and i've seen them as high as £90 for custom builds for fancy extras.

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