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This is a post on blood play. There are graphic images of human skin that has been consensually cut, and spiked to achieve active bleeding. If the sight of blood or human body parts that have been made to bleed is an issue, go read a different post.




Right, fine...

Bloodplay (BDSM)

Activity in which a participant is deliberately cut so as to release blood.

DO NOT attempt to do replicate any part of the scene written up below. No trained professionals where used. Just a couple wierdos and sharp stuff.

Do you want to play a game ?

How I get to the point where I cover part of my dungeon space in plastic sheeting like the mafia about to chop a body up.

Blood play wasn’t high on the agenda for a multitude of reasons. Here are some of the following reasons…

  • Blood is a fluid and an transmit personal issues fairly easily.

  • Blood stains things and gets everywhere fairly easily if flicked around.

  • Any loss of blood has risks.

  • Clean up can be a pain in the arse.

I have and do many kinds of kink, I have been fortunate to build up my own dungeon play space and do various demos in different venues and play with a broad range of people including pro work. However bodily fluids are generally a limit to efforts I am willing to be involved with. At the start of the year, I entered a relationship with someone into bodily fluids such as water sports, spit, and blood play. We both have had a bunch STI and blood tests for each other’s peace of mind for various reasons such as breeding cum dump sexual play face spitting and other aspects of our play which would be common sense based on being risk aware.

We are now fluid bound which opens the option of what about blood play and why go there?

Blood play consideration used to make my OCD crawl. In some kind of inbuild way it still does. I am super clean and tidy with my play kit and the way I live. I have had casual kink scenes with a lot of people and take pride in keeping what I used a high level of cleanliness. There is no excuse in the modern world not to be sanitary and safer. I say safer as it's never possible to be completely safe only to reduce the calculated risks. Blood play generally bounds the used toy to those whose blood is upon it, (or should do, we all know that person that doesn’t and is a dick), unless it’s something medical that can be cleaned appropriately such as steel tools.

How many people you know have access to this kinda process..


So the girlfriend has mentioned blood lust on a few occasions. I’ve seen a few previous scenes she’s done and always been yeah that’s nice but not really up for that at the moment. I always consider researching what someone is into if they want to do a particular scene with me. If someone is into spanking you would expect the possibility of previous pictures of red or even bruised bum cheeks. If you are part of that popular kinkster website then a list of fetishes including spanking and maybe even part of group threads into that sort of play. If the person is brand "spanking new", (see what I did there), then obviously more caution and newbie consideration to take place in the possible scene should it be suitable for myself to undertake if at all.

Recently I asked her to send me some explicit images of some blood play. I have seen a few in passing on previous play partners' profiles on that popular kinkster website but I thought what the hell let's see what she sends me. Maybe a couple of little nicks and cuts. Perhaps a bit claret here and there.

I knew she was into blood play from profile information and previous convos.

However, she send me some no holes bared images and video clips to see my reaction.

Blood play and it’s fairly obvious that this is an area wired in a pretty please i‘ m very into it cut me up kinda way.

My reaction was not to scrunch up my face or dismiss the images but instead a raised eyebrow of ok, ok this is on the consideration jury. I could already feel the thought process of where could it be done with the easiest way to keep the area clean and have full control of the possible pending scene with safety in mind.

After various conversations, I had concluded to use my personal dungeon space as I have a large room with a wooden floor and 9x9 ft metal frame I could box the scene in with plastic sheeting.

It took me five packets of decorators plastic sheeting and a roll of tape with help of my dungeon service pup around three hours to create this dexter style scene space ready for active fluid play. In this case possible blood splatters.

A sheet would be placed on the floor to soak up and blood dripping from the skin and to stop either of us from slipping. The chain was hung from above to tie the wrists. There was a doorway opening towards the right to access toys, the sink and drinks etc and mood LED lighting helps keep the room cool as this type of lighting gives off very little heat.

One could say I over prepare for some scenes but you cant be to careful in keeping blood splats off walls and surfaces. It is also a cleaner environment in which to cut in rather than the dusty frame and walls being in more contact with the victim, I mean play bottom.

I have the person to make bleed and now I require the tools.

I generally have no issues with heavy consensual play scenes, impact on male or female for example not a problem. Want to be choked and thrown across the room, fine. Deliberately making someone bleed is a different level of injury that carries its own risks which can be unique to the toys you are using as well as the environment such as the reduction of dust that I identified by enclosing the space.

It doesn't take much to make someone bleed however people into blood play tend to have their own blood bound toys that are a preference for this type of scene.

To the right are the toys of preference plus a couple of my own which were discussed as the tools of the trade for this particular scene. To the left are traditional vampire gloves which are fluid bound to her and have only been used to make her bleed.

On the far right is a metal spiked paddle which again is a solo play that is fluid bound. The metal dish which ill use for the smaller tools are three items I added. Right is a pinwheel. Left a chrome claw and the middle a scalpel with a brand new and sterile blade.

Along with these play tools comes the safety precautions which I undertook to minimise risk to this scene and cover accidental outcomes such as accidental cuts and a change of mental state.




  • INFECTION RISK One of the main risks to fluid play, particularly cutting would be a possible infection. During and post play. To help reduce this risk, I enclosed the space in a sealed plastic sheeting bubble to reduce further contamination from the evironment. I also had her wipe down the bum, thighs, and chest with clinell to give the skin a cleaning and remove sweat and bacteria to further help reduce infection risk. All items used were also cleaned with clinell and I cleaned my hands and nails. I know my partner fairly well since we are on a sexual level being an active couple therefore we both did the scene nude so clothing did not get contaminated and less risk of exterior contamination being present.

  • COMMUNICATION I have had numerous conversations with her regarding this kind of play. It is new to me as she is aware I had questions. We spoke about areas I could cut and spike as well as the choice of toys. I ensured it was ok for me to smear blood on her face, get it on her mouth and possibly my own as well as on my skin which I was fine with. Before we went to enter the playroom I asked her a series of questions. "Are you of sound sober mind and comfortable that I to have not had anything to drink? " "Do you feel ok and have had something to eat / drink prior to this play scene? " "Are you ok to have cuts and spiked marks on your skin? " "Due to the nature of play you may endure small scars and marks as well as loss of blood is this ok? " "Are you happy with what we have discussed to try make you bleed and consent to the play scene? "

  • CONSIDER THE WHAT IF We can not think of everything but we can consider the top what if's that are playing on my mind. One is what if she gets dizzy/faint. The wrists would be clipped to the chain making it easy to take down and move her to the floor if needed. No gag in place for verbal communication. I have towels to aid with compression in case of excessive blood loss issues as well as a tourniquet and super glue as a last resort. A first aid kit of bandages and wound care products for minor accidental outcomes. There is also a large can of energy drink and something sweet available to aid with dizzy spells. Should there be considerable accidental injury, I am emergency first response trained. I deal with excess blood loss on regular bases and do the very British response KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. Not usually phased by considerable body trauma I'd be confident in dealing with any issues that arise in this area. I am confident in my abilities to look after her. If you panic easy and are new to this I would not recommend using blades and perhaps having a third experienced person to hand.

  • THE WARM UP Getting blood to the surface makes it easy for smaller wounds to bleed easier such as the tiny vampire glove spikes. It is also fun. Over the knee bum spanking was very enjoyable with a bit of hair pulling. Nice red bum cheeks. Also, the thighs and chest had slapping and paddling prior to being spiked or cut.

  • AFTERCARE PLAN There is a shower to clean down the dry blood and get it off her face and body. The towel used will be disposed of. I'd wash my hands then while she gets clean I would strip down the plastic onto the floor sheet and pull it all together corner to corner and place it in a yellow bio bag for disposal. On the floor, I'd give a spray with clinell just to ensure if anything got through the sheet has been cleaned up. Plasters for any stubborn wounds. Warm dressing gown for the comedown, there was freshly baked cake as well as pastry and chocolate with a quiet area with no light on the face. I intend to spend time with her there on a leather couch with a brew until she's feeling ok and ready for us to leave the building. This is the basic outline for the aftercare I had set.


The scene

Blank canvas. Few more slaps, couple of bum punches. All the grins and smiles where visable from her face. She knows what was laid out and ready to do some damage to the flawless skin that awaited. I often either avoid bruising or go out to cause bruising, it has never been the case that I am to actively cause blood to come from what I am hitting, poking, and even possibly cutting.

I walk around her several times just to look up and down at the wrist chained meat sack with a smile and wide eyes saying please hurt me.

The first choice is the vampire glove. Simple yet effective leather glove with little spikes running up the fingers which cause 2mm pinpricks. So long as the skin is warm up they are pretty effective. They also double as further warming up as you can spank with them rather effectively.

Well that was quick...Click image to make bigger.

As you can see it didn't take long for the vampire gloves to make use of a warmed-up bum with a few swift slaps. I even managed to get it plastered all over my wrist in the process. I don't get other people's blood on my skin that often so that was a rather surreal moment. The thing with blood is that you can also finger paint with it strangely. You can also see slash marks from the knife she provided that was a year and a day old since purchase and this was its first-time blood christening.

Did someone mention finger painting...

By this time there's certainly some red stuff coming out of the skin,

She clots fairly quickly so regular slaps and little cuts kept things going.

After some finger painting across her chest, I smeared blood down her face. It reached from forehead to chin and onto her tongue pasted on from my hand and fingers. She looked a right mess at this stage and had a big grin on her face. Checking in that she's okay I get nods of enjoyment. Plenty little blood runs down her legs and thighs. Time to do a few nicks with the scalpel and see how things go.

Things went ok with the super sharp surgical blade. The knife we had been using had lost its edge rather quickly so I had to press hard to make it cut, this surgical blade was effortless. I was making little pokes when I jolted a little too hard and one of the "what if's" became a possible did happen. I jabbed a little too hard to maybe the wrist suspended body moved to the side or a combination of both saw the surgical blade plunge itself 5-10mm into the upper leg. Did the screaming voice of profanity go through my head, yes it did. Did calm words of bugger verbally communicate? yes. Did she notice? well, the rather stream of blood now running down her skin certainly got the attention of the leg owner. It did look black for a moment but the slightly blue light obscured the colour however she did say along the lines oh god that's a lot.

Scene stop, time to deal with the issue at hand. I am now dealing with a puncher wound. It was roughly 1cm deep by 5mm. Keep the subject calm, get a towel, twist it up then apply hard pressure asap. Wait a moment then ask her to hold it while I unclip the cuffs and take her to the floor to slow blood flow to the leg. She also looked a bit dizzy probably from a bit of mild shock seeing more than a trickle of blood. 5-10 mins went by, the bleeding slowed right down to a near stop. I gave her something sweet to eat and drink while we chatted about what happened. A little time went by, we had a look and there was a 1cm slice to her leg, and the bleeding stopped. The towel looks like a murder scene, the floor looks similar.

The bleeding stopped, no one died, sense of reality is now about the space.

I asked her if she wishes to stop and how she is feeling. Looking at her blank thigh that has no marks on it she asked if I could make the other leg bleed so it matches the right leg. Wrists were not clipped to the chain and she just hanged on while I used the vampire glove as a warm up then the spiked paddle to add puncher marks on the left leg to contrast the cuts on the right. There was also the rather hot moment of her on her knees covered in blood and an open mouth which was not avoided however won't be visually represented here.

We did how ever spend around 20 mins just posing for blood pictures. I figured the one on the left will give you a eye wincing moment to an idea of what I was talking about above. Blood play is certainly one of those areas where communication and trust is high on the priorities. It seems in the modern day kink to be one of those scenes people particularly younger generation aspire to do as soon as they can but believe me its not something to be taken lightly regardless of what ever your using to draw the blood.

We both have twisted senses of humour and when you see a large pool of blood on the floor the average person wont say oh wow that make good for photos, not many guys would leave a cum shot all over a bloody smiling face either but I did and it felt disgustingly fun.

Would I do anther scene with her on a blood level, sure, Would I poke her with a scalpel again, probably not but never say never.


UPDATED - 18/07/2022 - 3 Days after scene.


By looking at the post play marks which are healing well, there is no excessive red areas, no swelling or other signs of infection. All wounds are closed up pretty well. The left picture is the left leg which took mostly jabs from the spiked paddle with a few little blade cuts. The right leg got mostly cuts while the blade was fresh with a few spike marks. The vampire glove was also used on both to some degree though I will make some new ones as her current one have been flattened in large areas with use. Other than the jab from the scalpel, I would not expect more than the odd faint line or dots being visible for a few weeks and eventually hard to even notice. No loss of leg was involved in the making of this blog.


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