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Foot powered masochistic tickling

What is tickling?

adjective: ticklish

1. (of a person) sensitive to being tickled. "I'm ticklish on the feet"

(of a cough) characterized by persistent irritation in the throat.

2. (of a situation or problem) difficult or tricky and requires careful handling. "her skill in evading ticklish questions"


Tickling and masochism can go hand in hand. People with masochistic tendencies enjoy enduring pain receptors being activated. Not everyone is ticklish but there are those who are extremely ticklish to the point of it being unbearable and enjoy a level of pain endurance. Therefore looking a little more into tickling can give an indication of how this can work to the advantages of the top applying the tickling.

When you’re tickled, you may be laughing not because you’re having a great time of your life, but because you’re having an autonomic emotional response to the tickling. Research shows the body movements of being tickled often mimic those of someone in severe pain.

Tickling is broken down into two areas;

  • Gargalesis is tickling that causes laughter when someone touches ticklish areas of your body repeatedly. It can’t be self-induced. This is the type of tickling by aggressive involuntary application of tickling by someone else.

  • Knismesis is tickling caused by light motion on your skin that doesn’t usually bring on laughter and instead brings irritation or itching. This type of tickling may be self-induced.

Knismesis can make you feel itchy or tingly. You may not associate it with tickling because it’s usually irritating. You could think you’re just itchy.

Areas that are the most ticklish?

Research suggests that the most vulnerable areas of a body are ticklish to remind us they need protecting.

Depending on how sensitive an individual is will depend on what works for that individual and what is being used for the tickling such as fingers, feathers, or another implement. From experience I found the main areas tend to be the following;

  • Feet

  • Armpits

  • Neck

  • Sides

  • Stomach

  • Lower back on the tailbone

I have undertaken a number of masochistic tickle sessions. When it comes to prolonging tickling for masochistic reasons I find the following techniques useful for maximum effects that can be applied to anyone, though the effectiveness you will need to trial on the person receiving.

How to improve tickling.

  • Remove other senses.

When it comes to tickling, it helps to remove senses from the receiver which allows them to anticipate being tickled. The subconscious has a heightened trigger sense so it pays to numb it best you can to allow the body a better surprise. You can do this by removing the hearing with good ear defenders and removing the sight as well both greatly increase skin sensitivity to tickling and general touch.

  • Don't hang around too long.

If you are going to give prolonged tickling you can not hang around the same space too long. Tickling the same space for more than 20 seconds or so can reduce effectiveness considerably as the body builds up not being surprised anymore. Once you have tickled a zone, move to another area for a period of time. I tend to move around three zones to help resensitise the skin. I also alternate between light pinching and poking between the tickling to surprise the skin better.

  • Watch out for endurance peaking.

When giving prolonged tickling you need to keep in check with the person being tickled especially if the person is restrained for masochistic tickling. You will find the tickling sensation will peak with a lot of movement and likely some vocalising. This will calm down and the person will start to show exhaustion. The person will get less responsive and seem tired or start coughing due to a dry mouth of laughing and the lungs getting tired.

  • Be aware of involuntary bodily fluids.

Heavy tickling can cause people to lose control of bladder functions. Best to have it emptied before the scene.

  • Be aware of physical thrashing.

As a word of caution, be aware that heavy tickling can cause involuntary movements such as arm and torso thrashing so would be wise to use some restraining or take notice of a possible limb at velocity.


My scene setup for masochistic tickling.

The above setup gives an idea of how I did the scene for some aggressive tickling for masochistic purposes. My pup and long-term service boy has masochistic qualities but just so happens to be extremely ticklish as well. I strapped his legs down well to keep the feet in place and the soles visible. I used an industrial quality ear defender to muffle the external sound with a good level of comfort, blindfolds are useful as well as low light settings. I did not restrain the wrists so I had better options to pull the arms out if I wanted better access to the armpits or chest area.

He tucked his arms under himself for a more comfortable position and I had the convenience of a piece of dungeon furniture that suited this position well. To get the ball rolling we had about 30 minutes of hand tickling and jabbing to get him warmed up and to see where the most ticklish places were and get some fun reactions. I know his ticklish areas happen to be the sides and feet but it's good to double check, for science reasons of course.

Here is an audio file to give you an idea of how things started out once I started to use the violet wand.

As you can hear he is fully immersed in the selfish personal enjoyment so much that he was loudly vocalising how impressed he was with the results. Due to my kind helpfu