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I have not written anything for a while and instead gone more towards the audio podcast. In this circumstance, I feel a visual representation is more fitting to the short tale I need to tell.

My service boy boots has had a little slip in the details of a few given tasks recently. Now once I can maybe raise an eyebrow and take it his day-to-day life is rather busy, twice and I start suspecting maybe I am not giving enough details. Maybe it is my fault instead, it is myself that needs further guidance. Then I woke up and thought nope I shall look further into this.

What first brought this properly to my attention after a few little errors was when I requested my can of antiperspirant be replaced. The words I used were a black can of sure antiperspirant which is shown on the image on the right. The can on the left is what was left for me. Yes, it's black, but the wrong brand, however, it is indeed body spray and not anti antiperspirant which was the main thing I need to endure shirt-wearing for the day.

This spawned an idea to give a specific task based on details to see what the end result is. This is a good example of a bit of distance tasking and I believe its fun as well as practical if you do not get to visually see someone as much as you would like to.

I pulled up boots on Kik and messaged him the following.

Friday he was coming to my house to iron my shirts, today was Wednesday, therefore, I gave just over 48 hours notice for the following.

Ok, Friday shall be shirt day, Gingerbread man. Three shall grace my presents with the following. One requires three buttons, one requires two buttons, one requires four buttons. One of the gingerbread men must be red. Each will have eyes and a smile except one grumpy that is grumpy. They must all be the same height and have a head, two legs, two arms except one that thinks it's a pirate.

He responded with the following message...

This shows me he has read my task and therefore understands what he must do.

So fast forward to Friday, today and this is my message when I turn on the phone in the afternoon.

For those that don't know, Mia is the house dog, the four-legged one. I thought to myself excellent what treats will be awaiting me in my kitchen. I see the gingerbread men and I said to him you can wait till you read my blog later today to see the result of his tasks. And behold the following masterpiece..ish...

Ok, I know what you are all thinking, wow right. excellent job. Pretty cool yes. Much effort was put into the task that was written a few days ago. boots himself will be reading this with a sense of pride knowing I am showing you all this but at the same time will now be raising this eyebrow and reading with content wondering what the catch is when I explain that there is indeed an issue which I needed to consult someone impartial and that he will now be trying to read quicker to get to the answer he now seeks.

Now when I say impartial, I am indeed speaking about the welsh one, the co-host of the podcast and all-round twat of a friendly masochist beauty in pain aka filth. I showed her this image and this was her response.

By now the penny as well and truly dropped for boots. I have not spoken top him yet while I do this blog entry and drink a cup of tea. No doubt he is now wondering the outcome of this and what response he should give me on the kik messenger. How-ever carry on reading dear boots there is indeed more. As you shall see, filth is very much trying to back track the ball dropping and going to your rescue like a shiny knight. Like King Arthur in the Monty Python sketch comes to mind...

Really filth, really ?

So I mulled away for a few hours at this conversation and took into consideration how much effort has clearly gone into these gingerbread men, yes men, not people all though one does look more feminine I will go with its a male cross dresser. You have indeed done an excellent job with the extra amount of detail. I had to go look again at the baked goods in the kitchen.

The evidence clearly shows there are strange things afoot here that I did not have evidence of beforehand. Did the buttons get missed or did they indeed get eaten.

The moral of the story is, just because your slave, sub, or bottom messes up occasionally so long as they strive to do their best and go the extra mile to make you smile that is worth more than a few missing buttons.

It is wise to have a sense of humor when you have someone in your life that will make a pirate gingerbread man.

They taste good too!

Stop worrying and send me message boots once you have read this ;)

Mister Smith

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