2020 Offically over

I have not been writing much towards the back end of this year. Instead, I have voiced more on the podcast while been busy with covid related vanilla life. I have also been a bit quiet on Twitter and other social media platforms.

We can all agree this year has been rubbish. Socially, economically and just life-draining with the covid19 issues that have descended upon the world. Kink has been very difficult to keep involved in due to restrictions and many people have not even seen their kink partner for some months. I am fortunate to have my service boy boots as part of my *bubble* whowon't I can still see for us to get out kink kick in somewhat of a fashion.

The new tier rules that just went in place had Boris talking about things being better after Easter in April. It's going to be a rubbish start of the year but at least Brexit is finally signed in crayon and sent by carrier pigeon to some address in Brussels where it will probably get lost and need to be drafted again because fish wasn't mentioned enough along with information on using security updates of the 1990s Netscape to fight cybercrime being laughed at. Yes this is true

I don't have a great deal to add about new years eve other than we shall see what happens next year.

We, the British public will carry on. That is what we do. They may take our cucumbers and exotic fruit with the great Brexit truck queue but they wont take our freedom. Until Tier 5 at least.

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