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Kink Ramblings of Mister Smith

This is the Ramblings of Mister Smith.

With it I shall review kink and fetish items from the BDSM world as well as events I attend and stores I visit. No over the top advertising, honest reviews with both bad and the good. The blog may be new with a bit of a gap break during the time of bigger projects, but my experiences are not new. This text is here for anyone to read should they wish to and find any information of interest and use to their personal lifestyle. I will not beat around the bush. I am frank, blunt and to the point speaking my mind here just like I am in person. If there is anything in particular you would like me to look into and write a page about it.

This blog has now been changed to Ramblings. It will contain writings as well as information on DIY builds I get up to rather than putting it on different fetish sites, I may as well use my own website ! The pages have been designed for mobile phone viewing therefore any views on laptops and such may look a a little odd.


All information on my blog and website is from my own experience and use of the item which I blog about. You may not repost my information or photos without my permission All information I give is to the best of my knowledge bases on my own research and experiences which you are reading for research purposes only. If you decide to act upon anything based on information I have given, you do so on your own accord after further research. I am not a medical professional.

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