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Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Simple beginners clamps.



  • Budget cost.

  • Adjustable.


  • Difficult to clean adjustable screw.

  • Not suitable for people with latex sensitivity.


These nipple clamps are a common first time go to for anyone looking to try nipple clamps. When someone asks to try but isn;t sure these are the ones I pull from the kit bag to break the clamp cherry so to speak.

A break down of this style of clamp is as follows.

Adjustable screw: Each clamp has its own adjustable screw thread with a small noticed wheel for easy grip on the end which is used to rotate the screw. This adjusts the width the clamp can close meaning the strength of its pinch can be increased or decreased for either a tight grip or a lesser grip depending on personal preference and sensitivity.

Rubber grips: To improve the grip of the clamp and reduce chance of sharp edges of the clamp as well as making it easier to wipe clean, these clamps have a rubber coating. This rubber can vary depending on brand but to be on the safe side I would not recommend anyone with an allergy to latex to try them.

Spring & Chain: There is a thin chain between the clamps, average around 40cm long. The spring is of medium strength which enough for a light pinch with the screw thread at minimal.

Over all they are a useful all around but don't expect them to handle much added weight if you decide to use nipple weights or pull the chain with anything more than a light tug. With a price tag of under £10 they are also one of the cheapest on the market as well as being nickel free if bought from a recognised UK retailer. If bought from china or abroad, though cheaper, the metal tends to be of lesser quality and can rust over time. Keep them clean and dry before storage. The screw thread area is difficult to clean if wet from body fluids such as drool / spit / semen how ever if only the rubber ends need wiping clean its much easier to keep better care of the clamps on the hole. A little bit of WDK40 now and then will help keep the spring supple and strong.

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