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Derlin Synthetic Canes

Derlin Synthetic canes can be a very hard material yet easy to clean cane alternative.



  • Very strong.

  • Flexible.

  • Withstands high levels of impact.

  • Easy to clean


  • Keep away from flames, can melt.

  • Medium to High cost.

  • Dangerous to inhale dust if making lengths yourself.


Derlin is fairly new type of plastic used in the manufacturing industry. It is recently being used widely in the synthetic cane area due to its strength, flexibility an easy to keep clean with use on different people. The material is of medium density making it fairly light on thinner thicknesses but at around 7mm thickness it hits very thuddy. At 4-5mm much more stingy sensation but harder to control with longer lengths as it becomes very swishy.

A rubber grip is need to stop the cane from slipping from the hand as well as the ends rounding off otherwise it can split skin. It is none conductive, none porous making it easy to clean and white making it very UV active as well as easy to see in clubs / events.

If cutting your own lengths you need to wear a dust mask as the material is very bad for your health to breath in. Do not leave it standing on one end against a wall at an angle for a prolonged length of time otherwise you will find it bent out of shape much like a rattan cane. Do not leave it by any heat or naked flame or it will be damaged / warp beyond repair. If this happens, it is very difficult to put back into shape and is often written off for a replacement. Therefore always hang from a hook or keep in a thin tube for storage.

The material can cost more than rattan, but due to higher levels of hygiene made possible, it can be more useful with multiple play partners as well as long term use with minimal amounts of care.

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