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Premium Leather Paddles

Premium Leather Paddles



  • Easy to clean

  • Solid build.

  • Flexible but sturdy.

  • Give a good sting or a heavy thud depending on style.

  • Natural material.

  • Various styles.


  • Medium to high price range.

  • Use against skin only to avoid damage to the leather.


There are many types of variations of leather paddles available on the market. It is always best to get a feel of a paddle in person rather than buying online so you can get an idea of the quality you are purchasing. It is important to check for weak points and whether its synthetic material made to look like leather or genuine leather. Usually the smell gives away whether its real leather but you can get a feel for cheap tacky made items. Wrist straps are also a good idea to avoid the paddle from leaving the hand by mistake which can easily happen and should not be under estimated. Leather paddles also wear better and the material doesn't crack or split with use.

The set of three premium paddles I obtained from Germany cost around £130 for the three. You can easily obtain a leather paddle at a much lower cost but again you need to judge the quality with what you can afford. They are in three different styles to do three different sensations.

The First one on the left is a form of Tawse. This is a popular style for corporal punishment particularly in schools such as Manchester England and Newcastle Scotland ranging from the hands to the top of the bum. All though such forms of punishment in schools was stopped in the early to mid eighties, it can easily bring back child hood memories for men and women in their forties plus. In Scotland It was the only instrument permitted under the 1968 Code of Practice agreed between the Scottish teachers' unions and the Scottish Education Department. British schools phased out CP all together by 1998 after petitions started by parents in 1982 got motion to stop "six on the best" in schools.

The middle paddle is two pieces that slap together. This causes a loud and sharp sting but not as much bruising and instead creates more of a surface bite. The paddle on the right is solid, giving a thud and deep bruising.

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