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How I keep my toys clean


A lot of people ask me how do I keep my toys clean, like really clean. I am a professional Dominate / Top which means a great deal of my toys and equipment is used by multiple people and I pride myself on hygiene. After all, you wouldn't have unprotected sex with multiple people on a regular bases so you sure don't want their bodily fluids mixing with yours.

Recently I would highly recommend a dishwasher. Yes, a dishwasher, high temp,

This would easily clean all your dildos and metal toys sure on a high setting, but what about floggers, canes, paddles etc. This is where a dishwasher can not help you. Maybe you don't own a dishwasher and need solutions which are affordable and easy to obtain. This is what I can help you with. In a second article I will talk about keeping kit and public play spaces clean.

When we talk about dildos, vibrators and insertions, even if you are not sharing the toys it is always best to use a condom over them. This helps keep your toys cleaner and more sanitary, especially if they have grooves and ridges which are hard to clean out. Left over human material goes moldy and you don't want this inside of you causing an infection. NON SPERMICIDE condoms are the way forward, this will not leave a sticky residue on your toys and are cheap to get or even free from family planning clinics. If you must use normal condoms clean the toy afterwards as soon as you can with soap and hot water to remove the lubricant.

If you are sharing toys and not using condoms on them such as your metal toys or even dildo items then you need something a bit stronger than just soap.

Rapidex is clinic detergent that dissolves organic matter. It turns blood and bodily fluid matter into a powder making it very good for cleaning your toys.

It comes in little bags which dissolve in warm water (as close to 21c as you can get) which turn the water blue. Let your toys soak for 20 mins then using gloves and a nail brush, scrub your toys to make sure all material is off them and then rinse each item under fresh water and leave the dry. Toys such as floggers and paddles, particularly leather ones, you can use a cloth and wipe down with this liquid rather than soak. Ensure you have gloves on as the box states it will irritate the skin and certainly eyes so maybe wear eye protection as well when scrubbing your items. This stuff I have got on my hands and made them itch slightly. Its not pleasant so take precautions.

Are my toys clean yet ? Well they are clean but they are not sanitised. The difference meaning the visible material may have gone but bacteria may still exist, extremely likely if blood was involve as bugs in that stuff are hard to kill. This is where you need a disinfectant that wont damage your toys. Alcohol gel can damage toys such as dildos and try out leathers therefore avoid using it. One I would recommend is PeraSafe.

PeraSafe hospital grade cold sterilisation kills everything. It is active on Bacteria, Fungal and vVirus. It boasts the following...

  • extremely rapid action

  • a total biocidal spectrum

  • safe and non-toxic to users

  • non-corrosive

  • environmentally friendly

  • sterilises in 10 minutes

  • disinfects in 5 minutes

  • 100% bio-degradable

Its easy to use, use a small measurement to liquid ratio as the bottle instructions give and soak the required items for the required time. Though not ideal for items such as leather floggers and leather paddles, this material is excellent for the dildos and toys you insert into men or women. Items which may have blood on them such as piercing clamps and suspension hooks are also usable with this. Knives and other metal items are ideal. For leather items which need to be sterilised, see my article of keep it clean for place spaces.

Keep in mind PeraSafe is also a irritant to the skin, therefore ensure your toys are dry before use. As always ensure they are fully dry before storage as well to avoid complications that need cleaning again.

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