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Condom types

Various types of condoms available & what to use for toys


I have been asked questions regarding types of condoms for different circumstances such as toys, allergies, anal or just vaginal. Therefore here is a bit of useful information for your convenience. While there are hundreds of brands, flavors, sensations and so forth, I will bring up some common needs with general information for your reference. .

For piece of mind ensure the condoms you use have the British Standards stamp on the back and check they are IN DATE.


When using condoms on toys the best I find are none spermicidal condoms. This is from my experience solves a number of issues..

1 - They are cheap. very cheap. In fact you can pick them up from popular condom sites for around 9p each and because they are not being depended upon to stop pregnancy and their purpose is to keep the toy clean, the price isn't a issue.

2- The tip on the end on various brands such as the one I use, is more rounded with no added tip. This makes a much better fit over vibrators with no tip flapping about on the end.

3- No spermicidal or lube in the condom. This is a massive plus, the coating normal condoms leave on toys is difficult to clean off and is often enough to stop you using them in the first place and then having to clean the toy from scratch.

EXTRA SAFE Extra safe condoms are particularly useful for anal penetration. This is due to it being a fairly dirty method regardless how much cleaning and douching is done. Its a very easy way to spread STDs as well as general bacteria infections. The anus also doesn't lubricate itself therefore plenty of lube is needed to reduce chance of tear, I would highly recommend a brand such as Durex extra which are blue packets.

Although at around £5 for six they are extra lubricated and thicker than normal condoms. I have had great success with these performing how they should and not damage easily. Some sensation is lost on the wearer due to the extra thickness but the pros out weight the cons for anal play.

A slightly less costly brand but trusted widely as Durex is MATES. They also do their own extra strong version.

I find Mates extra strength have a stronger feel than the Durex but with less lubrication. They are slightly cheaper and you don/t feel like you need a credit card to be able to afford them. Extra strength condoms can be used for reassurance for vaginal sex but with the loss of feeling its often preferred to use a different type.


While flavoured condoms can be used for normal vaginal sex I've always recommended to use them as a novelty unless its a trusted brand. Lots of cheap flavour condom brands are around but with Durex and Mates you can't go wrong if the oral fun turns into penetration sex.

With all flavour lubes there will be preference in taste. One example I will give you is chocolate tastes bad as a lube. Natural fruit flavours tend to be better. just remember to use added lube before using for penetration if they have been used for oral first to reduce chance of tears since the original lube will be sucked off.


Extra thin condoms are fairly easy to explain. They are very very thin condoms. Recently Durex released their indivisible range. While strong and very thin I would no recommend these for anal play and to ensure plenty of lube is added.

With thin condoms come the added risk or splits and tears. It is fairly easy to tear these with your nails while putting them on if your in a rush. Mates do a thin range as well. Since there is the added risk of a split, I've always wanted to use the most recommended brand which is often Durex in this area. Don't use them for oral as a slight braze of any teeth towards the back of the mouth could damage these condoms which would lead to a tear.

Be warned thin condoms are also at a premium to buy.


A lot of people have an allergy to latex. Durex Avanti none latex condoms are expensive. Period. I stock SKYN which are a product of mates. They come in various different styles and though still a premium they are far more cost effective than other brands. I prefer this over normal condoms as they seem to fit better for my preference and the material feels nicer than latex.

There are certain brands which use lamb skin, these wont protect from HIV and STDs, only pregnacy. For full protection ensure your none latex condom is made of polyurethane, polyisoprene, or nitrile.

TROJAN are another good brand that do none latex condoms as well as the over sized ones. None latex condoms must past the same quality assurances as normal latex condoms.

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