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Bit Gag

Rubber Bit Gags



  • Very strong.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Easy to use.

  • Useful for people with small mouths.

  • Good for pain endurance.


  • Price range medium

  • Buy good quality solid gags (not hollow) or they break easily.

  • Low quality gags also have very poor straps.

  • Wont keep the wearer quiet like a ball gag.


Bit gags are the second most popular after the traditional ball gag. They have many uses with the main one meaning the wearer doesn't need to open the jaw wide and can bite down on it for pain endurance.

A solid bit gag is the better option rather than hollow units. Solid gags are easier to clean, endure being bitten better and wont break as easy or start to tear. Other common materials are plastic and leather but rubber is the more common and cost effective. This will therefore depend on any allergies of the wearer.

Premium bit gags will also have small extras such as side loops which can be used for a range of different activities such as using rope as reigns or ensuring the face stays in a certain place. These type of gags also tend to be easier on the teeth unlike ball gags and are more comfortable to wear. They do cause a moderate amount of saliva and if the straps are tight the tongue will not be able to push the gag out of the mouth. These gags do not limit the noise of the wearer unlike a ball gag but do prevent talking if put on tight.

If you are looking to try gags I would recommend one. Price range £12-£50. Will endure a wide choice of cleaning solutions.

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