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The joys of Kinky Weights.



  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to use.

  • Various weights for different sensations.

  • Good for pain endurance tests.

  • Can be made easily.

  • Various kinds in most adult shops.


  • Can cause body injury if used incorrectly.


Nipple abuse is a fairly common kink whether your male or female how-ever I have found more men enjoy it than women. With clamps comes the added joys of weights. These are various sized weighted items with a hook, clasp or loop for connecting the item to the nipple area. These can be used on other parts of the body as well such as the cock, balls or labia. I have also had fun attaching to the nose and ears depending on the desired affect.

When using weights always start with a low weight and build up over a period of time during your play scene. The simple reason behind this, is so you can avoid injuries such as torn skin, damaged labia or ripping a nipple off which is not something you want to do. If you build up correctly, pain threshold depending, you can build up to the desired weight. Using clamps or clips should always be used, DO NOT connect anything straight to piercings as this can considerably increase risk of tear or damage which then can causes infections and things to fall off in a not so nice way.

As always when connecting anything to the body, check the clip or clamp is not damage, rusty and is clean prior to touching the skin to avoid any possible infections. Stretched skin is more susceptible to infection therefore clean the area being weighted with alcohol rubs as a preference as this dries quickly and the clamp or clip wont slip off. There are other cleaning methods which are not alcohol based you can use such as some hand gels. Ensure the area is dry prior to attaching clips/clamps to avoid slips.

Weights can be fun and causes endorphin's to enter the body from the various levels of pain which then help give a happy feeling. They can be used as fun, punishment or for humiliation. They can be store bought or made with different masses from the size of a walnut all the way to a tennis ball. All of these things make then versatile and easy to have in the kit bag with being simple to use.

After use, removing weights will often give a sharp sting which you need to be ready for as the blood rushes back to the area which has been pinched by the clip or clamp. Over time and use this will get less and less but long gaps between use will cause the area to re-set. Nipples and ears tend to have this minor problem the most.

Check for any damage, tears or bleeding after play and if there is such issues then self treat such as taking a break for a few days / weeks, clean the wound and give it time to heal. A plaster and Sudocrem cream will stop the area rubbing on clothing as well as promote healing which would otherwise causes irritation to the wounded areas. In extreme and rare occasions, if it is considered a bad wound such as a tear then AnE is your best cause of action, don't be shy they have seen it all. Its better to get fixed than get worse. Tears are likely to happen with over weighting small areas such as the labia while causing the weights to swing with movement though it can happen with enough weight and swinging movement on any body part.

If you intend to have a lot of movement such as sexual intercourse or walking around, it is better to have less weights in use to avoid weight swinging which will increase risk of injury.

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