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CB6000 Male Chastity

CB6000 Plastic male Chasity device.



  • Easy to clean.

  • Easy to use.

  • Plenty air vents for good hygiene while in use.

  • Comfortable for lengthy time of use.

  • Fits various sizes.

  • Lightweight.

  • Stops erections.


  • Cost is around the medium to high mark.

  • Durability could feel better though states its made of poly-carbonate.

  • None erect long penis lengths will struggle to fit.

  • Could be forced off without breaking the lock by some men.


The CB6000 is a standard male chastity device. It is the upgrade from the CB3000 which did not have as many adjustment parts included as the CB6000. The unit comes with a pouch for easy storage and a range of parts for different sizes of scrotum.

First thing that comes to mind is that its very light and straight forward to use. It comes with a little instruction leaflet to aid first time users. There are videos online as well.

One nice little touch is they include five plastic numbered locks, (more can be purchased universally on ebay). These can be used and the owner of the chastity can take down the number. If the wearer breaks the lock to get out, it can not be re locked and the unique lock number will not match to any others. This will be a dead give away of any attempt to be out of the chastity at any time. The benefits of this also include not having a key to loose and it help keep the device lightweight. A metal padlock can also be used. The plastic locks are also useful for travel such as going through metal detectors.

The various rings are to fit behind the scrotum, middle spacers of different lengths help further with adjustments. The penis end is universal fit and it must be fitted while not in erect position. To aid with making any hard penis shrink back down, just pinch the head for a few moments hard.

Once all together it is easier to see how the device fits and works, With enough lube and determination, some users may be able to pull the device off without breaking the lock. The upgraded model has since been modified with spikes to stop this. The attachment is called CB-X Points of Intrigue Accessor and comes with three pieces of various size to add to the device at around £40-£50 which is fairly steep.

There is a wide slit on the front to make room for urinating and the device itself has enough ventilation gaps to run water through for cleaning. All the edges are smooth and comfortable against skin though some rubbing can happen with prolonged use though the manual states its intended to be worked up to 24/7 use. If intending to use long periods of time its best to build up a few hours at a time

The device itself is very low profile which makes it discrete to wear in public under normal clothes.

If the person wearing this device has a big none erect penis or wide scrotum, he may struggle fitting into it but for the average user it will be fine. Use water based lube when fitting. If you use a metal lock I would recommend putting electrical tape around the lock to stop it rubbing on the chastity device.

Over all I am happy with this device and how it performs with small to average sized men. Bigger guys need an up graded device of which vary styles and brands are available.

Sizing: The rings come in 5 sizes: 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8" and 2" (each measurement is in diameters). The cage length is 3.25" with an inside diameter of 1 3/8"

Package Contents:

  • 1 Cage Portion

  • 5 Rings of Different Sizes

  • 4 Locking Pins

  • 4 Spacers

  • 1 Brass Padlock with 1 Key

  • 5 Individually numbered plastic locks

  • 1 Sleek storage case (zippered and embossed)

Price range around £80-120

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