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Keep it clean - Dental Dams

Dental Dams for casual oral health


A dental dam is a thin square of latex you put over lady bits to cover them during oral sex. This acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of STIs. Dams come in a variety of flavors, and can also be made by cutting up a condom.

One of the issues I come across often with sexual health is that of oral on women or on the anus of either sex. People are not usually aware that there is a way of using oral protection when playing with casual sexual encounters whether it be vanilla or with kink.

I have seen many times at kink events with men and women having play scenes with men or women they met only that evening and even multiple of there of. Having spoken to lesbian and bi female friends, my findings were they would rather go down on women as they say its safer than giving head to a man when in true fact its just as risky if not more.

If you intend to use dental dams and then use your hands for fingering, a latex glove is going to be needed to ensure full protection but not many people like the idea of getting prepared in this manner. I have always said to my partner she can sleep with what ever women she likes so long as a dental dam is used and toys being shared have condoms on them changed each time they change person. its a matter of weighing the risks, know who your having sexual encounters with and decide on your own circumstances the precautions you take knowing whats available to help.

More and more kink events are now happening in swingers club and sex is promoted more as part of play. This doesn't have to be the case but I would say venues atmosphere does cause it to be more expected especially from the younger generation of 18-25. If it does happen or there is the possibility it my happen, its worth having a dental dam with your condoms at the very least and hand gel for cleaning hands afterwards. Be aware of where your fingers are going between being cleaned.

Dental dams can be also used on the anus of both men and women. Again its a practice I've seen with very little thought to the hygiene of performing this act, even anus to vagina with no protection used.

This is information I have pulled from a government site with text on sexual health about dental dams for your information.

  • DO use a new latex or polyurethane dental dam every time you have oral sex.

  • DO read the package and check the expiration date.

  • DO make sure there are no tears or defects.

  • DO put on before starting oral sex and keep it on until finished.

  • DO use water-based or silicone-based lubricant to prevent breakage.

  • DON’T reuse a dental dam.

  • DON’T stretch a dental dam, as this can cause it to tear.

  • DON’T use nonoxynol-9 (a spermicide), which can cause irritation.

  • DON’T use oil-based products like baby oil, lotion, petroleum jelly, or cooking oil because they will cause the dental dam to break.

  • DON’T flush dental dams down the toilet as they may clog it

From the same website I have these images to help with your reference.

How to use a Dental Dam.

How to change a condom into a make do Dental Dam.

National Sexual Health Helpline

If you would like to talk to someone about a sexual health issue, you can call the national sexual health helpline free on 0300 123 7123. Your call will be treated with sensitivity and in strict confidence. The Sexual Health Helpline is open from 9am-8pm, Monday-Friday. I have rang this line, they are very helpful and none judgmental.

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