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Keep it fun & Simple

Kink is not all serious, being simple can be fun and engaging.


Sometimes the world of kink and fetish can get to serious and demanding from both sides of the play, regardless of your giving or receiving. This when you can pull out little games and tasks then link them to a series of good results and forfeits depending on the users skill level.

A simple little game can put a spin on an entire dynamic.

The example I want to give you in this writing is the little wooden box to the right. It fits in the palm of your hand, has a tiny metal ball and numbers 1-12 with various holes you must avoid.

The game is simple, get the ball from number 1 to number 12 without it falling down the hole. Give this item to you the relevant other person,(sub, slave, bottom etc), and give him or her the task to get to 12. Watch him or her try this task quietly. Give a few minutes until the task is completed once and watch him or her smile with delight. Now is your queue to grin and say try again but...

...Pull a list of this persons dislikes, for the purpose of this example the main dislike is to be poked.

Now, tell the person holding the wooden toy, each time the ball falls down the hole, he or she must say loud "poke me" and if this is not carried out correctly inform of a stronger correction method such as a ear flick. now have the person complete the task of getting the ball to number 12. The chances are they will fail due to over thinking due to the now impending result of failing. if the ball falls, you poke and the task starts again.

Depending on your dynamic you can add further variables. One I like to add is this above poke task to be completed in public such as a munch or kink event. Its something that can be done fully clothed and if multiple people give little pokes it starts to add humiliation. The stronger correction of the flick for example should only come from yourself and not strangers or other people. Keep in mind the mental state of the task barer and if you can see the stress getting to much give a break or make the task easier such as only odd or even numbers getting a verbal poke me response.

This kind of tasking helps a bored sub / bottom / slave feel useful and can also help practice servitude dynamics as well as public humiliation. This type of task is really strong on people with OCD therefore wary of any mental meltdowns and adjust the task accordingly. If adjusting the task ensure the task user is informed he or she hasn't failed and you are adjusting the level of difficulty so no sense of fail starts to over shadow the task. If the task starts to feel impossible then the person trying to complete the task will start to turn against it and then you as well.

Other ways to adjust level of difficulty without being physical would be such as but not limited to...

  • Completing the task on tip toes until reaching 12. If the foot goes on the floor fully then x number of star jumps must be completed immediately. X being a number chose by you. If this is not completed then use appropriate correctional methods in line with the persons limits.

  • Completing the task standing still. Each fail is one item of clothing removed. Upon competing to 12 then one item of clothing can be put back on. If this is not completed then use appropriate correctional methods in line with the persons limits. This task will help over come nude comfort zones.


If the task is completed in good time, tell him or her how good of a job is being done with the task and re-enforce it with positive gestures such as tickles, hugs, pats on the head, chocolate buttons, anything which gets a smile. If the task has taken longer than you consider was needed, then give words of encouragement. If by completing the task he/she gets something small which is desirable, then the more determination and focus dedicated to completing the task which in turn makes the bond between you stronger along with building trust and a stronger dynamic.

Once a task like this has been played, each time you put it on a table or bring it out on display, the person who is given the task will think about the last time it was used and all the feelings that associate with it.

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