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Using a douche should be on the list of any anal player.


  • Low cost.

  • Easy to do.

  • Very good for cleaning out before anal play.


  • Can be a bit messy to start with.


Douching refers to cleaning out the vagina with a stream of water but has been a well known item used for cleaning out the anus before anal play. The word douche is french for wash.

Enemas are the same style of method but with a bag and tube rather than a squeezing pump system such as the one pictured above. You can purchase shower head attachments as well for convenience.

When engaging or thinking about anal sex or any form of insertions, fecal matter is often the first thought on anyone's mind. No one wants to fuck a bum and pull out covered in poo. Therefore using warm water to help rinse out the anal area you drastically reduce the dirt and filth hanging around for a temporary amount of time.

How to use a Douche.

You ideally need to have around 30 mins wait after douching before engaging in anal play.

  1. Clean the douche before using. The tissue of your rectal cavity tears easily, and any filth on the device can further the likelihood of an infection.

  2. Fill the device with tepid water. Do not use scolding water, or water with soap. Soap can irritate the anal cavity and cause infections.

  3. Lubricate the douche and the anal cavity.

  4. Insert the douche into the anal cavity and squeeze the bulb to release the water into the rectum. Squeeze the bulb with ease. Notice how your body reacts to the water prior to squeezing more water into the body.

  5. Remove the douche and release the water inside your rectum to a waste water area.

  6. Continue the process until the water remains clear and free from any filth.


Q: What Is the Difference Between a Douche and an Enema? A: Douches hold less water than enemas. Douches, unlike enemas, do not include adjustable water valves nor do douches offer nozzles for providing deeper intestinal cleansing.

Q: Is douching the vagina good for you ?

A: If you are engaging in the sort of play that leaves you with something that needs cleaning out such as food stuffs then yes its useful. How-ever if you do it on a regular bases you can wash out the good bacteria and cause yourself infections.


The anal lining is very delicate, any small tears from anal play increases the chance of infection which is why douching out can help by removing excess filth prior to playing. There are many different types of douches and enemas with various ends for stimulation and cleaning methods. This means you can pick one that is right for you from the large choice and range.

Both douches and enemas are fairly cheap ranging from under £10 up to around £30 depending on attachments and other bells and whistles so to speak.

Either way, ensure you take your time, clean items properly after and prior to use to avoid future infections and take your time.

It can be a fun sensation that can involve your significant other to do it for you or you can go solo.

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