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Terms - Thuddy & Stingy

Two common words used to describe certain sensations.


A shot but informative post here for help figuring out some of those words you may here thrown about during events or munches to describe certain items or sensations. Thuddy and Stingy are used to give an interpretation of how an item can feel during kink play.


Thuddy is a term usually used to describe a form of impact play though can describe a large range of things that give the same effect. It refers to a firm impact which can also be described as a punch effect. Thuddy items could be such as heavy paddles, thick canes and heavy floggers. Items such as these often leave bruises without a sharp sting hence being a form of thud. Other items could be wooden spoons, a fist and boxing gloves. Try tapping a wooden spoon on a open palm and describe the sensation.


Stingy is the polar opposite of thuddy. Stingy can describe many things much like thuddy, it can be linked to impact play but also related to various other kinds of play that are more discrete than thuddy. Stingy is often something which gives a sharp intense sensation such as a thin cane, rubber paddle or a pinwheel or a face slap. Stingy sensations tend to leave welts with small amounts of bruising unless its done repeatedly in the same place. Stingy causes more surface skin damage rather than the deep impact of a thud. For example pick up a 30cm ruler, hold one end and quickly slap it down on your open palm hand and describe the sensation.

In my experience, I find people often have a higher pain threshold for thuddy as opposed to stingy as the thud side is more preferred and sting as a punishment or correction method. However everyone has difference preferences, items can be used in different ways and it can be fun to figure out the differences and not to asume everyone is the same.

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