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Pin Wheel basics

The Pin wheels full name in the BDSM world is known as the Wartenberg Pinwheel.



  • Wide range available.

  • Easily available to purchase from adult vendors.

  • Very easy to store and carry due to small size.

  • Very intimate.

  • Low cost.


  • Larger multiple wheel units are difficult to transport.

  • Can break the skin easily if not careful.


Pin wheels can be found in most kit bags. They are fairly small, single wheels are flat and easy to transport in little leather pouches. They are also very shiny which is pretty to look at if cared for. With sensation play in mind, these instruments are used for carefully applying controlled stimulus to the body, releasing vast amounts of pleasurable endorphin as the body reacts to tiny multiple pricks to the skin.

Being made of steel, these items are very conductive and can be used with violet wands and e-stim related products for a entire different sensation.

Depending on levels of forced and area of the body, the sensation can be very pleasurable , a tickle or to a fairly ouch and torture like sensation. Single head wheels are most common though two, three and even four wheel versions can be found for use over broader areas simultaneously but more wheels means more premium to obtain.

Pin wheels are used in cosmetics and medicine. With cosmetics, the wheel pins are much more needle like and designed to poke holes in the skin. The user then has a vitamin enriched moisturiser which is then placed on the pinned area for easier absorption. In medicine they are used to test nerve and skin sensation on finger tips and toes.

Pin wheels are generally surgical steel, they wont rust and can be cleaned with boiling or your most used cleaning method and wont cause a issue. After cleaning ensure the device is fully dry before storage. A little bit of olive oil can help smoother the motion of any stiff wheels. If they draw blood, boil them off after a soap scrubbing of any loose blood before hand or scrub clean and soak with clinell if no hot water solution available. Keep in mind this is a general over view of deep cleaning and you should research the best method for you. Search my blog for hygiene .

Price range is £5 to £35.

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