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DIY Electrical Taser / Shocker.



  • Can build the result you are looking for.

  • Fun to design something from scratch.

  • Sense of achievement when is works.


  • Can result in many hours of fail and testings

  • Expenses can fun up if things go wrong.

  • You could die or seriously hurt yourself or someone else.


With most aspects of DIY kink, I will often give information on how I build something as well as where to find parts and such to complete the DIY kink. In this instance I am only showing the finished product not the actual design. Why ? Because its dangerous. No, really. This device feels like I got stabbed. Since there is no capacitor which give quick sharp stings,ts a constant output, the pain possibilities is huge.

Some people best know these devices as tasers or stun guns. What I have made is technically neither but is a more primitive version of basically an electrical shocker. It ups the battery power from the 3.7v lithium battery rated at 0.36 amps to a massive 40,000 volts.

The low amps means its not generally life threatening in most circumstances but the voltage packs a smack. I can even double my efforts by simply using two batteries to make 7 volts input but for now in its current state I am happy. Once my masochist tries and tests this properly I may adjust the power depending on its test results during a play scene.

Here is a little clip of the device...

The sound is much louder than what you can already describe as a loud cracking as the power arcs over between the two points. If it did not do this, the power would not discharge and over heat the components therefore its essential its able to do it. The sound a lone is fairly intimidating and the visual aspects adds a fear factor.

To make it moderately safer for myself, I have added three safety items to the device. The first one is the big red cut off button which breaks the circuit from the power supply. The rocket switch is a hard physical cover which protects the activation button from being accidentally pressed. The main activation button is also only a spring push back so if the finger lifts off, it automatically turns the device off.

I also put the batter on the exterior for quicker access to change and to ensure no feedback is taking place which would heat up the battery. Chances of this are very slim but rather be that bit on the side of caution for this first build. I will likely make another improved more powerful version now I have this one working.


What I have made here I did so at my own risk. If you decide to research, try to build it yourself and die, I will not have any sympathy.

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