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Kubotans, small friendly little sticks of joy.



  • Small and easy to carry.

  • Discrete, look like key rings.

  • Low cost, easy to obtain.

  • Effective with minimal experience.

  • Very good at administrative pain compliance.

  • Range of materials.


  • Can result in serious body damage if used wrong.


This instrument of attitude adjustment is often over looked in the abilities it is capable of with minimal starting experience. These come in various high strength materials, mostly being solid steel. They average around six inches long and around half an inch in diameter.

Put out as a key ring self defense tool, they have a loop for attaching keys which can be used for slashing at attackers and the body has grip grooves which also aid in wrist locks. It is designed for gripping in a fist with an inch or so showing from the bottom of the fist which enables pressure point striking.

From what I am aware, they where initially designed for the use of female police officers to help with wrist locks and pain compliance on stronger foes.

The two I own, (left) are typical examples. One with a flat end and one has a rounded end. Each have their own uses and are just as nasty as the other. They are worth having in the kit bag for anyone who plays with masochists or anyone into none impact punishment and pain compliance. In fact if your just a bastard in general you need one. The great thing about these is you don't have to strike someone to get an effective use. If they are being used to actively defend yourself and you strike someone multiple times with one of these, your attacker is not getting up in a hurry.

In a kink play sense, the range of uses are plentiful. You can easily carry one on a belt and quietly jab that point on the back of the arm, the arm pit, the upper leg, the ribs, pretty much great effect without applying much pressure. With a bit of practice you can easily put someone in a painful wrist lock or put someone on their knees to ensure compliance if he or she gets mouthy. A quick tap on the back of the hand quickly gains someones attention and with use just simply putting it in view can make certain peoples minds run away with them.

Many different styles, colours and materials. Easy to find, buy and a low cost for such a fun item.

Here is a little you tube video giving some simple examples.

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