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Budget Kink - Car boots & Pliers

Take random trips to car boots and go digging in the metal boxes



  • Chrome Vanadium doesn't rust anything like normal steel.

  • Easy to put in the kit bag.

  • Very Low cost, easy to obtain.

  • Direct pain to a very small area.

  • Very good at administrative pain compliance.

  • Recycling is good.


  • Hit and miss finding something useful at car boots.


Car boots are a good way to find old forgotten objects to which you can clean up and re-use for something they where never intended for. In this instance I found a pair of narrow nose chrome vanadium pliers.

What drew my attention to these was mostly the material type. In a box of old rusty tools, chrome vanadium stands out for a number of reasons. Its very hard, doesn't rust easily if at all and can polish up very nice. Old tools such as this tarnish with use but I have the option to do a simple clean or a full polishing up.

They also have a nice distinctive old oil smell to them, have character from use such as grind notches and kinks and have proven hard use. In particular with narrow nose style pliers, they direct hand grip power to a very small area.

This is greatly beneficial if you want to cause great discomfort with a fairly easy grip.

I recently did a small test on a human with these and they certainly got a vocal reaction. I shall video testings at some point and post them on the reliant blog pages.

As can see from the right image, the tool has had some hard use which I like. It has also been oiled well and is completely free and moving as if it was new. A normal steel tool would have been full of rust and probably seized up meaning a much longer repair and clean up job which is why I tend to avoid them.

With this tool I have do a number of things during a play scene. I can poke with them, grip areas such as nipples, labia or areas of skin. I can also incorporate them into CBT scenes and even electrify them with the violet wand for added fun. I would also add these to my dental play kit as they just look scary as hell for what they could do inside someones mouth.

These cost me less than 50p. To buy new would probably cost me around £5 or £7 and new ones don't have the charm and character I spoke about. to re purpose an item such as this is a great way to recycle and makes a good story of how it came to be part of any kit bag.

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