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2B or Not 2B...

Sometimes it's good to get jiggy with it...



  • Lifetime warranty.

  • Software that can be upgraded as they improve the product.

  • Large range of adjustments.

  • Can be used with a variety of attachments.

  • Easy to use.

  • Unisex.

  • Very powerful.


  • Cost is a massive factor on this investment.

  • Can cause injury if you rush into it.


I have used E-Stim branded electrical products for a long time. Ten years plus in fact. I first owned their series one system a few months after it was released, and I find their metal inserts of the highest quality - Which they make themselves in the UK. I have tried other brands and units but found they where either weaker, less durable or over priced for the options they give.

The Series one system lived up to its lifetime guarantee. It came with a heavy duty 9v battery which I never had to change over the time that I used the unit. Up to the point that; when I sold it onward to a new user, the system still looked fresh out of the carry box it came with.

The unit is duel channel. But, whatever output you place the settings to, both channels have the same output as one another. This isn't a bad thing, it just means that it's a bit limited in certain circumstances.

It's an average power output which contents most novice to medium play users. With a simple dial system that turns very smooth, allowing for a good tweak of the output that you're looking for.

The downside that I found to this system was that it struggled with any metal probes bigger than a slim can of red bull. Having got much bigger probes than this; I wasn't able to use them effectively, as the output could not cope with the volume of metal that it needed to invade. I also found that the power was a bit raw! Meaning that it was more painful than fun after around the 40% mark; but, that would vary between users. However it did seem a consistent view from people that I used it on, myself included. They have since improved on the earlier models with the Helix systems, which are now tailored for Him, Her etc... Containing small electrodes and such, giving a small discount being together.

I have had the pleasure of my series one being upgraded to the new modern 2B system for me, which is the E-Stim flag ship product of the company. (Picture contains no battery as I had already fitted it).

This system has a digital display which shows output as a digital percentage and a numerical figure rather than you guessing; like on the earlier models which only had the dial system. Its light, looks pretty and has a sense of professionalism about its look. The unit boasts 17 controllable and adjustable program modes.

This particular unit can have its software upgraded as time goes on. When the company puts out updates on the way it works, which means that it can have features added and refined. Thus, making it a far more versatile toy to keep for the future.

This unit also boasts two channels. But, on this box the channels can have their intensity altered separately, making the use of the system more versatile. It has the option of audio input for use as a microphone or for music, along with the option of an external power adapter that can be used to increase any power output. The digital display is clear, bright and easy to understand, and even has a training setting.

Removing the back foam there is a pack with instructions, a CD, some free gel pads, two cables for the output channels and an audio jack. Use the number on the back of the unit to register the free warranty.

Once the batter is in place the unit is ready to go. Attach cables to the desired channels, hook up pads to the target zones and flick around the select button to choose which program mode to try. As well as power adjustment, each program also has an intensity setting which alters things such as speed or delay depending on the program.

Upon using the unit on myself, I found the digital display to be very useful with adjusting the outputs of the program modes. It made it easier to go back to a setting I liked rather than guessing on a dial. The back lit display also makes it easier to see if your using in low light. I always test new products on myself such as electrical items to ensure I have an idea what the person I play with is going through and to give peace of mind I consider it safe.

During a session, I had him hooked up to this system on his leg to begin with to help calm nerves as he was well aware this system is more advanced and stronger than its previous series one. We went through a couple of the programs and give him a bit of a taster for whats to come.

Using silicone tube ties, I attached the system with one channel to this penis head and balls while blind folded. His heart rate raised and started to get a bit clammy. I like the effect this little box has already for sure. I then proceeded to try various settings over the course of an hour or so. Some got very interesting results from him and some caused real discomfort. We also discovered a couple of the program settings had little or even no effect what so ever.

This could change depending on the muscle group selected but it was an interesting discovery. The general conclusion we came to is the 2B system is more civilized and modern with its output compared to the sharper more raw settings of the series one.

The 2B system was more fun to play with and we have only scratched the surface. There is yet to try using two channels, various ways to be restrained and sensation play it can add, the audio input such as using my voice in a microphone or some music and he even bought the accessory pack to go with the 2B system. This includes the power supply which increases strength of the output and the internet commander software along with a new extra cables with thicker connections for bigger metal probes.

All of which is for another day but there waiting along with the various metal probes, inserts and sounds to try out! Lucky boy.

If you want to get a E-Stim system that wont let you down with great versatility I could recommend adding this to your toy bag. I have noticed E-Stim offer discounts on various events happening around the globe so its worth watching out on their site if you have a looming big purchase to see if you can catch one and take advantage of it.

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